11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. Did you run it open headers like the pic or did you put mufflers on her.
  2. Open header... I may make some turn outs but open header is the plan
  3. Pahaha well no duh I would make some extensions and then put turn downs just extend them far enough to where they aren't right under you ya know?
  4. i ran it open headerish with the shorties also i just had the H pipe cut under the cross member. and this set up is much louder...
  5. I do think that the turndowns will definitely help the noise though
  6. think i may take them out under the door or something. i have the old H pipe flanges still i can use. just need some 45's and a few feet of straight pipe
  7. I think it will go faster with a muffler.

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  8. i got a BBK H pipe here i can cut up to try it. i will see where the open header puts me and if i still need more i will put the H pipe on
  9. Glass pack? Cherry bombs? Lol
  10. I will see what I come up with
  11. You'll rig something up I mean hey you could always go with a set of stacks ... just a thought
  12. i was thinking run the passanger side header out the drive side and the driver side out the passanger side and X them where they meet. or just do an H pipe
  13. null_zpsa71195ab.jpg

    The go baby go panel
  14. null_zpsd3f8069c.jpg

    Got bored trying to find a good purge spot
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  15. well i hit a snag tonight...

    all the control arms are bolted down nice and tight... checked all my measurements on my control arms to make sure the IC stayed the same as last year. double checked the trans bolts everythings good to go... figure ok cool just need to bleed the brakes and finish the electrical stuff.

    go in the house to find out the wife went out to the barn to ride her horse so looks i'll be doing that tomorrow. i was about to hook just the fan switch up and take the thing around the block on street tires to piss off everyone

    guess its going to wait till wednesday lol
  16. jets
    fuel supply line
    fuel pick up fitting

    all on the way. should be here by the end of the week. im going to start to wire up all the nitrous stuff next week only thing i need is the pills for the window switch
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  17. Both of us are at the bitter ends here with this stuff I just need a maf and battery and timing might and tach and I'm ready to crank her over
  18. Yall get no sympathy here. I havent been able to work on my car in 2 months! How often is it that theres a pile of s hit to put on, just not the time?
  19. Haha I feel ya... I don't get to much time to work on my personal car. He'll I just now got home from the shop we got the trams and converter back tonight.