11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. Y'all should be ready to race here shortly though right and hoopty5.0 how many of can say they got to spend two months out in the middle of the ocean lol
  2. honestly im not sure... we have an issue and we have no idea what the cause is.
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    Welds and slicks are bolted up! She will be off the jack stands tomorrow to do some tweaking
  4. tweaking = burnouts in front of the house?
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  5. Not many, but dollars to donuts, they hate it.
  6. Haha down the street
  7. Well tracks out... It runs like complete dog :poo:. Got a bunch of tweaking to do this weekend. Just didn't have time tonight. Been at shop with race car all night. Try again next Friday
  8. i will add the new trans shifts like butter...
  9. What have you changed to make it run like a dog? Were you spraying?

  10. ported SN95 maf with 19's was swapped out for a C&L with 24's
    shorties for long tubes.

    i have an idea whats causing it and i think it has to do with me deleteing the IAC before. i think the SN95maf was causing other issues that deleteing the IAC masked.
  11. screw staying in the office today... im going home to work on the car lol
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  12. I like where your head is at.... Only its a long swim for me :(
  13. well i got the stalling fixed... the IAC is back on the car. has a slight stumble at part throttle to work on. started putting the nitrous stuff on it friday night and broke the front upper intake tab off it. going to work on getting that fixed now. i believe the lines to the plate kit are keeping the intake from sitting flat.
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    Wonder what that black plate does???
  15. Porting the SN95 MAF without enlarging the "sampling tube" will cause the engine to run leaner and that could be the reason for the stalling issues.
  16. think it was just causing it to go lean and the idle raised up. but its gone now.... i did the same thing with my 95 when i had it and never had any issue. oh well
  17. those painted or powdercoated wheels?
  18. plastidip... they were done before i got them. not a huge fan of it but it can stay for now
  19. Im getting impatient. When is there gonna be a track outing? If my crap doesnt run, someone else's needs to!
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