11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. haha you and i both. we broke the ring and pinion friday in the race car so we've been at the shop ditching the drop out 12 bolt center section for a true 9" center section. should have some time tonight and thursday morning to work on my car. it starts and runs fine i just need a free night to finish all the nitrous panel install and the purge line. basicly a ton of wire to run and a line to glue in
  2. Who's gear set? Was it lightened?

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  3. richmond pro gears lighten spool strange ultra case ceramic bearings... all that good stuff. had gun drilled star flanges 40 spline axles already.
  4. null_zpsd3323939.jpg

    the broken ring and pinion
  5. what would cause that? I would think if you had something go bad back there that all the teeth would be affected your pics look like its only a few here and there.
  6. not really sure if they were street gears or pro gears. if they were street gears they are a harder material and they just crack when hit with that kind of power. if it was a pro gear it was just over powered. they were 12 bolt gears
  7. plan on hitting cecil next friday if the weather holds out. going to rewire the fan sunday and figure out why the hell its not working now also lol. the rest of the :poo: i need for nitrous is also on the way. just need to put the new fuel pump in and mount the bottle
  8. Do I hear gears shattering and cursing due to a T5 in one form or another grenading from the shock of a high RPM launch with a hard engagement clutch?
  9. Do you go to Cecil often? I'm headed down in the fall. Also hitting the yellow bullet nationals as well

    Yellow Bear racing 2k13
  10. Yup every street car shoot out
  11. i really need to get my head checked...

    high tomorrow of 94* but im still going
  12. Hmmm... I'm forecasting 12.01 @ 1-teens with a chance of scattered trans :p

    I kid, looking forward to seeing the 11 sec slip! You gonna spray too or still waiting on parts?
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  13. waiting on my boozack to dry out so i can put the fuel pump in still. its been really hot here the last few days

    if i go 12.0 in this heat im calling it a win.
  14. No go... Got about half way about 10 miles of straight white knuckle driving. I pulled into a Pizza Hut and waited for it to dry up. Just to much rain in the quick shower we had. Wasn't worth wrecking the car to make a pass when it's 90+ out
  15. Wait... You drove it to the track (or tried?)?? You are a brave man.
  16. Yup tried to...

    I need a trailer for sure. Need to get a hitch on the lightning first though.
  17. Lol, Im just afraid of the "tow of shame" back to the house. Done that plenty of times...
  18. nothing new on this front... been busy working on the X275 car. we are headed to MIR tomorrow to test and cecil saturday for a race. made a few changes to the car since the last race trying to get it to 60' harder with the new 3.70 gears
  19. It's been raining all week pretty much and all weekend also in the forecast... So time to do more work. Finally dropped the tank to put the SVT focus pump in it. Turns out it had a 190lph walbro already (gss242)