11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. Yep, nothing but rain off and on here in West Ga. Was hoping to head to track tonight for first time since April. But with a 50% rain forecast of scattered showers, its not worth the 1.5 hour ride, one way, to the track.

  2. Jeez 1.5 hours i thought 35 minutes was tough
  3. its about 2 hours for us to MIR and we go there over cecil thats 30 if we have the option
  4. Left the stang at home. Ran in and out of rain all the way up here. I'm sitting outside my father n laws right now, listening to the cars at the track, which is only a mile away. Dang it, it's always a gamble. But no rain at track tonight. Oh well.

  5. Damn that sucks cant change the weather though
  6. took the car out yesterday... think i have an issue with the TFI module or a fuel pump relay. the new relay will be here today
  7. I thought this thread was dead! Hurry up, you are running out of season this year. Can't wait to see you hit your goal.

  8. Relay and tfi module... Still no fuel pressure
  9. Did the pump itself die?
  10. I hope not... Lol In about ready to drop tank again to run 12v to it to see it if it primes again
  11. Any chance the inertia switch in the trunk area got tripped somehow? You should be able to run 12V from there, should you not?

    Seems like a lot less hassle than dropping the tank?!? :shrug:
  12. ive been looking at Tmoss's site a lot last night... looks like there is a fuseable link of of the yellow wire on the starter relay.
    looks like i need to check voltage at the relay on the orange with light blue wire. if i have voltage its back to square 1
  13. well finally got time to get to the track friday night... hoping for the best! taking a bottle with me also
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  14. Way cool! Good luck in busting an 11 and then going for the 10s!!
  15. not sure how far i will be able to run it out on the bottle... no cage in the car and not enough gear to do it anyway
  16. Well they won't kick you out ...until you run the 10.xx:rolleyes: Seriously good luck. You should have good air at least:nice:
  17. time to get your guesses in

    only going to run on motor...
  18. :pop:But hope you bust an 11:nice:
  19. I would have been happy going 12 anything honestly. It's lost 10mph and 1.2 out the back. It didn't like something that was changed