11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. I just wish I could be at the track, period. Too late in the season here in Indiana. :oops:
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  2. That sucks! With me being lazy(don't want to look at back pages) what did you change? I think I remember a MAF change,inj,headers. Have you thought about getting a data logger etc to see what's going on? That's def a big change obviously.
  3. Maf
    Slicks from radials
    Fuel pump

    Think that's it other then more weight
  4. Arent you running open headers?
  5. Man, that sucks. You haven't gone to the auto yet have you?

    That's gotta be maf or injector related.

  6. Yes it's open header... But that hasn't changed. It had flow tubes off the shorties before
  7. You have a set of straight pipe at all after the headers? I saw a youtibe vid about testing of straight pipe length after the collector
  8. yea its got a turn out on it. i have an H pipe for it i need to make work or just buy a mac H pipe for it
  9. think i figured out what my issue was. not sure how it got the way it was but its fixed.

    my base timing was a bit on the high side. higher then id even run it locked out. 40* spout out
  10. Probably a good think you didn't run the juice then:eek:
  11. im not sure what im more confused by... HOW it got like that or WHY it didnt knock with the timing that high.

    not sure what the plan is right now. getting to the track before they close is going to be tough. and do i want to keep the T5 in it till it goes 11's or just say screw it and put the C4 in it? auto or not the motor is coming back out this winter to make a few small changes to it that id prefer to do on the stand and not in the car.
  12. C4, just put it in and never look back!!
  13. +1 to the above
  14. thats what im thinking....

    anyone know what
    a 90 T5... shifts smooth
    pro 5.0 shifter
    stock flywheel
    5 speed pedel assembly
    stock cable
    quick release quadrent
    firewall adjuster
    stock bell housing
    Zoom Kevlar clutch has about 500 miles or so on it.

    800ish sound fair?
  15. I say try your luck with it on CL, it may be exactly what someone is looking for!
  16. Me hah trans and bell housing only what price you want?
  17. I'll let you know if I split it up
  18. Yeah let me know mine keeps popping out second gear