11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. those tires are no comparison to modern drag radials but i wasnt really talking about clutch life, the radials are hard to get working in the first 60 feet with a clutch. there is a fine line between spinning and bogging on the radials. You cant really just dump the clutch like you would with a slick, you have to ride the clutch for most of first gear to get a decent sixty foot out of them. Its close to impossible to be consistent like this also.
  2. I think you're killing yourself with the following:

    B cam
    65mm tb
    Short tube headers
    hacked MAF

    If you didn't hit your goal, that would be my checklist of things to change, with the cam being the big one. If you remember 25thmustang, I want to say that his brother had a GT40 combo that struggled to run 11s until he went with a custom cam. That B cam is garbage, you can definitely do better... But if you manage to run 11s with it, more power to ya! :nice:
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  3. Fair enough, I've never run them. I can't honestly give an opinion on radials... Those old wrinkle wall slicks would dead hook though. Damn, I wish I had pics of my old car wheelstanding..

    I'm not understanding the bog thing I guess. Seems like that would be a power/torque problem.
  4. If you arent agressive enough with the clutch they bog, then spin, if you are too agressive with the clutch, they just spin.

    Radials need a strong, consistent hit. They dont like being shocked.
  5. Sounds like I don't like radials...
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  6. they work awesome with autos. My 28x10.5 stiff wall MT are just as stable over 100mph as the drag radials tho
  7. actually they DO like to be shocked... but they like to be shocked then held. you need to keep the power to them. you can actually do a lot with the bog with air pressure in the tire
  8. the MAF may change soon also. looking at going to a 90MM lightning maf and a set of 24lb injectors. just need to get a buddy of mine to burn the chip to make it work
  9. If you run 11's with a B cam then that opens up even more "Alphabet Cam" threads on here. Oh boy. I think the cam is your weakest link.
  10. its been done before :)
  11. And flathead Fords have gone 200 mph. :p
  12. Maybe I missed it, but I did't see any description of what we're using as far as bottom end.. Is this going to be stock 302 c.i.d., 306, 347 stroker??
  13. 100% stock short block
  14. Hmmm, yeah, you'd better mill them heads then...
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  15. which reminds me i gotta call rick
  16. I put one in the low 11's on motor and mid 10's on the bottle, but there were NO similarities in the build. When I did mine it was before stroker kits and more cubes=more power so I used a .030 over windsor. I t0ok a set of HIPO 289 closed chamber heads and had bigger valves installed, milled .060, and ported the p*ss out of them. Gasket matched, polished runners and chambers . I can't remember exactly what CC the heads wound up being, but it seems like we calculated around 12:1 CR. Hooker long tubes, 3" inch exhust w/ flowmasters dumped, holley strip dominator intake, 850 holley, comp cam(no, I can't remember the numbers), Mallory uni-lite w/ hi-fire box(MSD). Used 90-10 shock up front with competition engineering lift bars out back. I miss that car.. shoulda kept it.
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    Have fun, man! I did!:D
  17. You need Evan Smith or Bill Glidden to drive the car...............you, not so mucho_O
  18. :D I R cornfed...
  19. I know of a few "gals" in N. Dakota that are right up your alley........................
  20. So's my wife. Thanks though. Hell, man I'm 6'1" and In that pic I was only around 220lbs...damn.

    Edit: Keep in mind that car carried my big ass down the 1/4 in 10 seconds...:shrug:
    That's something.