11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. It can be done, and if you know how to port them and run on E85 you can run 10.80s all motor.

    From the builder:
    The first car in this vid
  2. getting closer to being done... hope to fire it up friday at some point before i leave for the beach
  3. Whicg track are you gonna take it to? MIR i hope!!
  4. cecil...
  5. Oh ok yeah i guess that would closer for you
  6. that and MIR's track prep would give me WAY to many issues. its just to good for my car to power through
  7. I think it's gonna be tough for you to hit 11's with those mods. I have similar stuff on my 89 GT, as you can see, below. Dynos roughly 290 at the rear wheels, and only ran 13.2 @105 on street tires, with a 1.91 60' time. Mine is carrying a little more weight, as it still has all of the comfort features intact, i.e. a/c, radio, etc., etc., etc. I figure a set of slicks would take a half second or so off of that time. Admittedly, I'm not the greatest driver, as I've only made nine 1/4 mile runs, but, I think it's going to to take John Force behind the wheel and a strong tailwind to get 11's. I'm thinking you'll run mid 12's on your slicks. Good luck!
  8. i went [email protected] having trouble getting into 2nd (prob .5 second dicking with the shifter) with E7's and my Gt40 intake unported ;)
  9. Man...is that sucker ever moving for what he's got done!!! Talk about drive it like you stole it. :nice:
  10. Like I said... My car had a poor driver. :)

    Good luck to you. I hope you get there!
  11. haha not sure if its my driving is all that great but im far from worried about breaking anything so i leave with the foot to the floor and just bring the clutch on fast. 2step was at 4500 might lower that to 3500-4000 to see if it helps give me a second to my mind on going into 2nd. at 4500 as soon as i had the clutch all the way out it was back in
  12. I like that video for reference in the "AOD's are faster than sticks" debates :D
  13. Getting the 11's should be doable. My 82 got to 12's with some similar stuff. Took out everything to cut weight, 4 cyl springs, alum bumpers, alum d/s, etc. Has old iron Gt40's with a small cut, good springs, etc. I do have a C4, 4.10s, etc. 7.5 axle, and BFG Drag Radials. 600 Holley vac sec.

    Took some practicing but it got there. Have not changed the combo in 5 years due to work. Roll bar added 80 lbs, so it slowed down some.
  14. plan to hit up cecil friday to make the first few hits in the car... not sure if she'll run good yet but atleast i'll shake it down and see where i need to pick up
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  15. Only got 1 hit went [email protected] granny shifting with a 1.74 60' have an oil leak at my intake Valley which will be fixed by Sunday and will be back at the track soon
  16. Not 11's, but still a damn decent run. :nice:
  17. I knew it wouldn't go 11s first pass out but it gave me hope that she'll run the number when it cools down . It was it in the mid low 90s last night for that pass.Going to pull some more weight out then try and find the 24s I have for it. ( moving sucks! Not sure where that box is)
  18. It's gonna take some October air to get you there.
  19. I thought you've said you were like the most amazing driver before?
  20. Yea I'm figuring October November time frame... I got about 150lbs left to take out of it also