11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. Nope never claimed be an amazing driver
  2. well its all apart new gaskets are here... im going to look for a way to put a breather on my PCV hole before i put it back together.

  3. Buddy of mine who was racing Friday night just fired up his speed brain from a data log and its showing the SN95 MAF is pegged.

    Our combo’s are pretty close
    hes got P's to my Gt40's
    hes got a stock cam ive got a B303
    hes got a stock lower intake mines ported

    so looks like first thing on the chopping block is the ported MAF...
  4. Ah ha! I was RIGHT!

    *hip thrust*

    *hip thrust*

    *high five*
  5. 2 gold stars for you
  6. 531415_10151074081034380_998928847_n.jpg

    wonder what could be up my sleeve.....
  7. **** a maf sensor!
  8. New intake already?

    What's with the multi colored rockers? Haha.
  9. Not just yet... Resealing lifter valley , few changes to the lower. Few changes to a few other things to make a few more HP ;)
  10. Oh yea every set of svo rockers I've seen have been discolored
  11. breather added to the lower intake where the PCV use to be...for now atleast.
    had an issue with a leaking hose which was actually me just being a dumb ass and forgetting to tighten the clamp (whoops)

    going to hit a junk yard soon to find an electric air pump for a V6 mustang LS1 or LT1 Fbody. and make a vac pump to plumb in a catch can and help with ring seal.

    should be taking another hit at the track here soon.
  12. Be sure to post up the junkyard vac pump setup. I always hear people talk about them but rarely do people post up how they built them.
  13. i found one on corral in the turbo section using an air pump off a BBF but im not sure if i want to run one on a belt.

    plan was to wire it up on a relay and all that hooked into my switch panel with my fan and 2 step switches.

    then run a hose from my PCV hole to a air oil seperator. then from that to the pump. then the pump to a catch can with a breather.
  14. The air oil separator is probably key. I've been told that the air pumps don't last long when they are exposed to oil mist.
  15. nope not at all... we have been running the same one on the coupe for around 5 years now. we keep as much oil out of it as we can. a guy i work with runs one and its pretty much trashed he said from it having oil run through it
  16. going up friday with no crash bumper on the car and a timing light... going to lock the timing at 32* to start with and go from there.

    high of 85 on friday so it should be in the 70's later at night. so im shooting for a 12.teens this time
  17. Good luck!
  18. well then my maf is at its limit. time to order the 80mm maf
  19. well i didnt get any work done last night on it... i actually took it out for a spin. felt good to drive thats for sure.

    needs an alignment BAD! it tracks stright but its a big squirlly over bumps.
  20. ready for you to start hitting the track and see some results