11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. thats a solid number right there already!
  2. yea i felt it was pretty good for only having 10* of timing in it. im going to try pushing base timing as far as i can and maybe try the timing locked to get the car to leave harder
  3. update with results asap when you get them!
  4. Good start but I think you can get close to that on motor alone, so with the giggle gas 11's should be possible.
  5. whatcha talkin bout willis??? that was on motor...
  6. Posi is toast so time for a spool
  7. Uh OK. That's impressive. Must have been me who was inhaling too much giggle gas and yeah, some people have told me that I do look like Bruce Willis but I don't think so. :lol:
  8. Wrong Willis.
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  9. you going mini spool or??
  10. Strange sells a package 35 spline axles c clip elems and a full spool. Not sure I'll go that route or 35s 9" ends and a full spool
  11. might as well do 9'' ends if it's in the budget right?
  12. Just pulled the diff out the one cone is completely trashed. So it's getting welded this week. Should be back to track soon
  13. splinesstartingtotwist_zps75cffb8b.jpg
    hopefully i can get 2-3 more passes out of these
    the passanger side that has been spinning from the burnt diff the splines are perfect!

    i have 4 more axles in the garage but i cant run the radials with them since it will have the rear back to SVO width. so i could drive it just not race it.
  14. diff should be back in this week. things have been busy with race car and the house so i havent had much time to mess with my car.
    plan on running on a 26" slick for these passes. nothing wrong with the 275 radials but the shorter slick shouldnt hurt the gearing like the 28" radial.

    car is going to be roughly 75lbs lighter then the 12.46 pass

    so let the guessing begin!
  15. Somebody's been gettin' after it. Those factory axles?
  16. Me??? Never... Yea stock ranger axles
  17. Hmm....I'm anxious to see what it does. As for a guess....

    12.46 best pass? Im going to guess low 12.20s under the assumption that since it's a little later in the year, it should be cooler, mixed with the shorter tires and less weight. 100lbs is good for a tenth, right?
  18. Yea roughly... Should be around 50* cooler also
  19. I will be at Cecil Friday night without my car. You gonna be down there?