11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. nah leaving for smoke hole west virgina for the weekend...
    shooting for next weekend
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    This blows...
    My rear won't hang low enough for some reason to fill using fill hole in girdle
  3. Three words: fluid hand pump.

  4. I had one them that I used to fill it last time it didn't work to well. I was tempted to drop the shocks to let the rear hang lower
  5. do not use the fill hole in the girdle, use the fill hole in the housing. the fill hole in the girdle overfills it and gear oil will be coming out every orifice of that **** if the vent doesnt blow it all over the underside of the car first.
  6. That's why you pull the fill plug and fill till it comes out that hole...
  7. either way, you only fill it to the lower fill hole in front by the pinion, not to the up to the top hole in the girdle.
  8. im one of the guys that knows that it hold 2 quarts... and i put 2 quarts in it... i dont use the fill hole to make sure its filled.
  9. 2 more days....

    putting the street tires on it tonight to make sure everything is ok... then the radials will be bolted up.
  10. KABOOM! Went roughly 30ft and an axle let go... Oh we'll it was hauling some ass for those 30ft
  11. Gonna stick another set of 28's in her and try again, or you gonna go with a 31-spline set up next time?
  12. Well I have a cobra diff on my work bench now... But I haven't ruled out 33s or 35s and a spool yet.
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  14. Damn dude. Go big or go home!
  15. pretty much how i do things
  16. Did it yank to one side when it let go?

    Im scared Ill share the same fate when I go in a couple weeks.
  17. I did the same thing but mine snapped at the starting line..I don't think the car moved 1 inch...stock axles 5000rpm foot slip off the clutch and a well prepped track..boom..lol
  18. not really but i had the clutch in as soon as i head the bang. lucky for me i had disk brakes on it to keep the axle in