11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. looks like a true diff is going back in it... got a hell of a deal on a T2 diff that i couldnt pass up.
  2. 220B3C46-6C1C-4EBF-B627-7F75A4C16D4C-752-0000007A1EF18714.jpg

    figured id throw this in here... was taken right before i left for the track.

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  3. 396B4E54-66A5-40AA-994B-6E29AA6C4E8D-336-000000CFB70F1812.jpg

    Wonder what this could be for????

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  4. Port work!

    Also, nice Sperrys :D.

  5. haha im pulling your man card for knowing what type of shoes i had on lol

    but yes... port work! going to open up the top half of my intake a lil more. im plan to fill the EGR spacer with JB weld and blend the upper to it. the 65mm throttle body go away for a 70 or 75 (havent made up my mind). then open up the runners to match the gaskets which the lower is matched to
  6. 75!

    Also, there aint nothing girly about knowing what Sperrys are! I've been wearing those since before they were a common item at the local Payless shoe store. Used to order them through a marina, that was about the only way you could get them.
  7. haha i had to get these for a wedding and i figured i payed enough for them i better wear them.
  8. Today was a good day....
    30EE0C9A-F380-442F-97F9-503DB4A7CA16-881-0000014434CBCE09.jpg should have the ring gear on it tonight... But still need shims

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  9. #1 - I wear Sperrys and love everything about them but the price

    #2 - What spline axles did you go with and how much was the spool?
  10. 1... your not kidding. i guess i cant **** to much my docs were 120 my bowling shoes were 125. so these at 90 arent to bad.

    2... 31 spline and free.99 traded off my carbon clutched 31 spline track loc for it
  11. 90 bones for some Sperrys?? Man I think I payed $40-45 for mine.
  12. shorties be gone...

    mac long tubes on the way...
  13. ITT: We wear sperrys
  14. Long tubes FTW.
  15. 70A92786-14D5-41FB-B2DE-5FD7E7DFE7CF-5893-000005343CC682C3.jpg

    One sides in

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  16. You gonna dimple the shock tower for clearance? Looks like it's rubbing or damn near close and going to rattle like all hell. Love the colors on those RR's.. I've never seen a darn set all one color in 20 years.
  17. nope... should be fine i have solid motor mounts.

    always wondered why they changed colors and i still havent figured it out. my guess is heat makes the pores open up and oil discolors them. i saw ford racing has a new set that are adjustable with out using shims
  18. finally got time to drop my rear off to have the ends knocked off and 9" ends put on it... should have it back in a week or so
  19. Smart choices... got your email, you were sent to SPAM
  20. ahhh ok! good to hear man! ive been having that issue with some Gmail accounts! good to see you around still man!

    btw rick its good to see you back around here! hope all is well up there for ya!