11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. ok so the changes for this season

    new custom made axles for the 9" ends
    26" slick on a weld prostar
    long tubes
    locked timing at 32*
    fiberglass hood

    so whats everyones guess....

    should have the rear back this weekend
  2. Not sure if you ever got the full potential out of the last setup before the axle broke. Can't really say, but I am cheering for you to hit 11's! I just swapped to 4.10's from 3.73's as well, hopefully it will help out my 60'. Also just got a set of adjustable uppers and will be buying a set of 26"X8" slicks.

  3. nah never got a good pass with timing thrown at it. that 12.4 pass was with the intake blowing oil out of the valley seals and 10* of timing on it.

    im also going to try to rewire my 2step to stay on while i hold the clutch down but still have to hit the button on my shifter to turn it on. but just hit it once and not have to hold that. i really need to get my 60's into the 1.50's and not 1.70's
  4. I think you'll bust the 11's easy. Good luck
  5. thanks man! i may honestly be a lil pissed if i do it the first weekend out with it
  6. I just wired my 2 step like this last week. It works pretty good. I used a toggle switch on my radio panel, toggle on, toggle off with the clutch pressed. Clutch released, and 2 step goes away. Also wired my line lock to activate and deactivate with it.

    I think 1.7's are decent for your combo. If I can get 1.7s out of mine I will be happy. 1.5s will definetly be an accomplishment.

  7. You use the wire diagram on corral?
  8. Yeah, its just 1 wire going to it. I just have two 12v sources for it. 1 12v toggle so i can use it alone, and the second 12v toggle activates the linelock and 2 step together.

  9. 9FAEB106-F24C-461D-B932-D37DB83B73FF-11357-000004072DC05252_zpsabae8e83.jpg

    and finally got the other side in.
  10. My buddy joe ran 11.9x with pheads and a bcam. You should be there
  11. yea i knows its been done... im hoping i get the combo down... im thinking more gear less tire less weight i should pick up .4 pretty easy this year
  12. He did trick flow heads and an fti cam and ran a 10.92 at Cecil in nov
  13. i wanna throw a bottle on my car near the end of the year and see if it will go 10's
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  14. trans checks out fine! nothing broke nothing out of place! only issue is its an 84 NWC trans. and i vac'd up the bushing for the shifter... whoops.
  15. Whoops is right, lol
  16. picked up a C&L meter for 24's today also for 20 bucks and a GT wing for 10 bucks! today was a good day! prob hit up a junk yard next weekend and grab a set of 24lb injectors. hope to get the T5 back together this weekend
  17. What was your combo again?