11 sec GT40 build....

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  1. GT40 head 61CC chamber 5 angle valve job by Rick 91GT
    exploder intake ported lower by me upper is blended from inlet of the throttle body all the way as far as i can reach with a straight die grinder to remove any flash and casting marks
    C&L inlet pipe with all the casting marks and flash removed
    C&L meter
    24lb injectors (coming soon)
    Long tubes with all the welding ground smooth at the flange
    B303 cam
    1.72 roller rockers matched intake and exhaust
    QA1 K member
    stock control arms with modded bushings and double nuts
    QA1 coil overs 14-175 springs
    SN95 v6 electric fan
    3G alt
    battery in hatch
    MSD 6AL2
    ford racing wires (for now)
    MSD cap and rotor
    4.10 gears
    UPR radius arm uppers
    UPR pro lowers
    4cyl springs
    focus fuel pump
    lakewood 50/50's
    no radio
    no heat
    no air ducts
    no power steering
    26" slicks on pro stars

    thats about all of it
  2. Seems like you should dip into the 11's I'm still trying to figure out what I'm gonna run
  3. i hope so! for what ive spent money wise many people wouldnt think it could be done
  4. You need to hurry up and get back to the track!

  5. Hey y'all at mir this weekend
  6. No... Motors back apart again.
  7. Oh cuts I saw the door wars had 275 guys in it figured y'all would be down here I'm going tomorrow to watch eliminations and the car show to get some idears for my car
  8. We had planned to but we keep melting number 4 and we have zero clue why as of right now
  9. How longs it been doing that?
  10. Last 2 passes
  11. Let me be of assistance;

    Obviously any person who has half a brain would know that melting #4 is a direct result of too much of one thing, and not enough of something else.

    Jeez! do I have to tell you everything?:rolleyes:
  12. I hear its cus Derek keeps leaving rags in cylinder 4 ;)
  13. Hey does the V6 SN fan cool pretty well? Because I have one of those laying around and may use it on my car if my current fan ever burns up.
  14. You'd think that but its got a lot more fuel and a lot less timing then every other hole...
    It seems to cool just fine. But it's been awhile since I had it out in the dead heat of summer
  15. just picked up an H pipe after lunch.... going to see if a BBK H pipe will line up with a set of mac long tubes

    edit... and it doesnt
  16. Looks like a job for your handy dandy cordless DeWalt 24v sawzall. My favorite tool, hands down.

    Also, when's this thing gonna race again? I've been axiously awaiting and the buildup is killing me!
  17. 24V... damn i aint seen 24V stuff in YEARS! and i work for them!

    i got the shift forks and top cover to the trans with me right now im going to clean them up in the parts washer to get some crap out of the top case. pretty much once the trans is back in im heading to the track
  18. Hey the back of my t5 is leaking trans fluid would it be the tail shaft seal that I can see of the one that's inside the rear casing?
  19. the seal on the end of the trans is the only seal back there. the tailshaft to the main case is RTV and the top cover to the main case is RTV
  20. OK sweet I thought I read somewhere here there were two seals which didn't honestly make any sense but I'm gonna get this on order and throw my trans up in here this weekend maybe