1100$ Rip Off!!!!

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  1. Robert Tettemer STOLE 6000$!!!! from stangnet!

    goes by JR
    Robert Tettemer

    first adress:

    19a s. 7th st
    stroudsburg, PA 18360
    United States

    second adress, probably fraudulent:

    Robert Tettemer, 1010 main st. straudsburg 18360

    phone number: 570 269 9871

    various emails:

    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    stangnet ID: mustang none
    yahoo ID:

    (sorry, a bit long but hopefully helpful)

    :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
    I saw this guys ad on stangnet,( http://classifieds.stangnet.com/showproduct.php?product=15707&sort=1&cat=all&page=1 ) made him post his stuff up on ebay with an agreed upon buy it now price (ebay # 7308823350) so at least paypal would protect me abit. I paypal him the money and now after weeks he wont contact me, sent me a bogus tracking number, it is now obvious he never owned this stuff, emailed me fake pics and tried to lure me into a trap :notnice: . luckily i have been in touch with a super helpful sheriff in stroudsberg :nice: and a real good lawyer (cheap :D ) who will help me charge him with felony theft charges/credit card fraud/mail fraud/theft through deception/felony theft unless he refunds me the money or sends me the stuff, and for any felony you can have people extradited to your state for prosecution where they can serve jail time if you charge them right and have a helpful lawyer/police officer. and if not extradited if they ever set foot on that side of the country they can be immediately arrested and put in jail.
    BE WARE!!!! there are many thiefs out there, this guy is one of them, feel free to call him and tell him how much he is ruining our site.

    if he does send me the stuff i bough i will be sure to post it here, though this is clearly impossibel at this point. I will also update this if legal action is taken to outline how to prosecute someone in this situation in an attempt to help others when they get robbed, if anyone has any tips or is a lawyer/cop who would like to ad to this they can feel free. i posted something similar before the stangnet crash, but it was erased.

    NOTES: paypal DOES NOT protect any transaction unless its done through ebay since paypal is owned by ebay and wouldn't want to protect competitors, i will prefer to use escrow.com from now on, MAKE SURE YOU talk to the guy and if possible get his home phone line so you can talk to his mom/wife/family, make sure you get all his info, try and search his name on the internet and do a quick background search on whitepages to get another phone number.


    when i google his name this is what i get, look halfway down, wish i had done this BEFORE getting involved with this lying thief.....

  2. we should start a sticky full of people who have scammed people here where we can search potential sellers/buyers before doing buisness also. we could add all info we know so that it could be searched with any criteria

    anyone agree?
  3. Sounds like a good idea to me heres the 2nd one-Salleen351w90-tried to rip me off on ebay but after I filed a complaint he sent my stuff.I was lucky and it wasnt anywhere near 1300 bucks.I would probably pay them a visit if I got ripped 1300.Wouldnt matter where they lived.
  4. good luck....keep us posted. I dont live to far from there mabey an hour. let me know if I can help in any way.
  5. yea this guy got me for $325.00
    Carmaria G Beek
    121 frontenac st
    Wyoming MI 49548
    phone (616)475-7858

    A seller that just took my money then led me on for 8 months. Will never buy off ebay again. Please feel free to call him and tell him he is a looser. Chris
  6. thanks for the offer 2lo4u, if it comes down to it i would be happy to paypal you a little something to help me out! :nice:
  7. That sucks guys. Hope these guys get whats coming. Good Luck
  8. thanks shttygtstang, i always try and do a little internet background search to try and get a landline for the dude's family so if he screws me i can call his grandma or parents or something to give him some personal motivation to keep his word, there is still a chance right now that paypal will help me, but i want to make sure i have all my bases covered, 1100$ is ALOT of money for me, i will know by monday what the final deal is and follow legal action from there, at that point i will also call every tettemer i can find in PA to try and let his family know that he is commiting felonies on the internet.

    any moderator want to make a sticky for people who rip of stangnetters??
  9. I agree 100%. Sticky these degenerate bastards so others dont fall prey to their scams.
  10. I'd tell him I'm coming with a rusty knife to cut his damn balls off if I dont get my $$ back. Always buy from people with a lot of feedback!
  11. yeah, if i dont get my stuff or my money back, i'm certainly prosecuting him on felony charges, already got a lawyer lined up to represent me so i dont have to fly out to PA, but if there are any problems i would be more than happy to fly out there even if i lost money on the whole deal, just for the principle of it. for 1100$ i would fly to damn egypt,
  12. Sorry to hear that man. That's bull**** I hate internet scammers. Hope you get your money back.
  13. for 15% of what you lost, i can pay him a visit ;)

    you know, just to offer him the daily special... 2 knuckle sandwhichs for the price of 1. ;)
  14. Something might have happened to him?

    I'm not sure how it went from the original $1100 to 1300?

    Besides the point now, but maybe you should have gotten him to be a little more descriptive in the ebay listing? He could probably send you heads, intake and zex from a v6 honda and get away with it since there's really no description :shrug:

    He's no longer a registered user, so maybe ebay pulled him?

    Definately sucks. I bought my GT from ebay and it took me 6 weeks to get it. I think it was mostly the cheap-ass shipping company I used, but I called every day for a few weeks until I got it. Definately had me worried.
  15. DO NOT go through Paypal! Phone your credit card company and do a chargeback - very few questions asked, 100% refund, and it's easy. I got scammed on a Borla catback, and finally called Visa on Friday..within 4 minutes on the phone, they had already gotten into his bank and did the chargeback. Paypal's fees are absurd, and they take forever.
  16. here is some proof that this dude is a thief and i WILL put him in jail if it costs me 5000$ to do it, i am SO mad right now. this guy is reallly lucky he doesn't live within 1000 miles of me or i would be driving there right now.

    here are some other dude's he scammed: