1100$ Rip Off!!!!

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  1. total dudes this guy has scammed is up to 4??!!! how much money has this guy stold from us??
  2. also where did i post that it went from 1300 to 1100$???
  3. by the way, i just had him post it up on ebay so i would supposedly be protected, i called ebay reps before hand to check this, i originally found his ad on stangnet and told him do COD or post it on ebay, os i already had pics of everything before i even had him post it on ebay
  4. Hey man, I wasn't trying to be a jerk; I'm on your side 100%, just saying one post said something about $1100 (and the subject) and then you were talking about $1300. Maybe just a typo.

    All I was saying about th ebay thing was that if they were to get technical, he really doesn't have much a description on the ebay auction. I would look into calling the credit card company like RS200 said.

    Good Luck.

    It's beside the point, but here are the quotes I was referring to:

  5. good luck, let us know what happens :nice:
  6. Sucks to hear you got scammed for that much money, I hope you get can it back. This guy should do jail time if he can't give everyone a full refund asap.
  7. no problems 306, just a typo or something, it is now so undeniably clear that he was obviously out just to straight up rob people that i have no hope of getting my parts, sucks cause my car is all tore down now also, oh well, i'll keep this post current with all the trouble i go through to try and help other people when they search on how to avoid getting robbed,
  8. for reference,

    i have the found the ceo of ebay's email and plan to deal personally with him if ebay gives me any problems, figure just cut straight to the meat and dont waste time with copy monkeys

    i have a list of every person with the last name tettemer in the surrounding 75 miles and with my free long distance i plan to call every one of them in the hopes of talking to his whole family to bring this close to home with him

    i have contacted everybody who posted a response to his ad to try and find others who got robbed so this case can be brought as a group to add credibility,

    i put this post up EVERY WHERE on the internet i could to try and let other know to stay away and help future searches on his name.

    i have contacted the local sheriff and a local lawyer who can represent me in court should it come to that, they have both been super helpful by the way in Stroudsberg, a lawyer said he would represnet me for super cheap also since this is a super clear cut case and would only take him maybe 1/2 hour in court, he also says he will help me garnish his wages though that costs about another 50$ in fees for paperwork, but at least i can garnish his jail wages!

    i can file in a number of ways, all felonies at this dollar amount,

    these are the possible charges:

    mail fraud (since he fraudulently used USPS)
    credit card fraud
    internet fraud
    theft through deception
    and by using the long arm statute of interstate commerce i can sue for 3X damages, that means that since he robbed me for 1100$ i can sue him for 3300$ and garnish his wages for the rest of his life until i get this amount back,

    i can file all these charges both in his local court system and also in my local court system since he contacted me. i, however, can only sucessfully prosecute him in one district.

    i have called my credit card company, their computers were down today but should be back up tomorrow. will try for a chargeback if possible

    this dude says he will call me on monday but i am not holding my breath at this point

    with the potential to make 3300$ of this guy in guaranteed money through garnishing his wages there is strong incentive for me to pursue my case to the bitter end, and i plan to do everything possible, even if i have to fly out there to deal with this personally. Pursuing justice is worth any cost to me, strictly on the principle and honor (or lack thereof).


    thanks stangnet, hopefully this works out and i can keep my faith in humanity,
  9. looks like the total amount of dudes he has ripped of is 4 with a grand total of about 4000$ of total money he has straight up robbed people of
  10. I Just Spoke With The Stroudsberg Police And There Is Multiple Warrants Out On This Man!!!

    If You Have Any Information On This Guy Call 570-421-6800 The Stroudsberg Regional Police, There Is Also A 500$ Reward On Any Information Leading To His Prosecution!!

    If You Have Been Ripped Off By This Man, Call The Police And File A Case!!!
  11. Get his ass man, looks like he ****ed with the wrong guy this time.
  12. yeah, i will make sure i get this guy if it takes years, he already has warrants out for his arrest so makes it tough to try and find him but i'll do my best.
  13. Considering there are already warrants out for his arrest... His family is probably going to hide his where-abouts... They probably will act like they don't know what you are talking about. So, good luck calling around to his family and friends. It shouldn't be too long before he gets behind bars though.

    Have you ever seen that TV show.. the Mad Dog??? He his a proffesional Bounty hunter and a self-declared bad-ass! You might think about giving him a call, it would make for a good episode! :rlaugh: (for real, that would frieking badass)
  14. yeah, once i found out that there are multiple warrants out for his arrest i pretty much figured i am not getting my money back from him, called anyway cause its free and maybe they dont know got two leads so we will see what happens, who knows what his family might do/know??

  15. What about pay-pal, and the credit company? If you were able to show proof that you got ripped off and have the sheriff fax over a warrant sheet for that man, I don't see why they wouldn't be able to refund the money back to you. A lot of credit cards have a built in felony re-imbursment (sp?) deal. How is that search goin?
  16. yeah, my next battle is with paypal/ebay and my credit card companies, i have a few leads through calling every tettemer in PA but need to flesh them out so the search actually went better than planned, didn't expect to talk to anyone who might know anything, lot of robert tettemers out there though, would much prefer to just get my money back or my parts, tettemer, if your out there, please dont turn this into a legal battle cause i will certainly win and eventually, somehow, someway, i will get my money

    thats a good solid combo by the way, proven and simple, what does that stock short block blown stang run? probably just blows the tires away on the street huh :D :hail2:
  17. I couldn't tell you what times it runs, but look for me to post times in the next month or so! :nice: (They will be 1/8 miles times though, because that is the closest track I have available to me).

    As far as the performance feeling goes, it a damn solid powerful car considering the very minimal work I have put into it. 1st and 2nd are useless and 3rd barely holds on to traction.. so yeah... its a tire burner... Not nearly as powerful as a lot of the cars on this site though. It's nothing crazy, but respectible.

    Man, I really wish you all the luck with your battles. I got screwed once by a man who sold me a fender for my 88LX over eBay. Bought the fender for 45 bucks, it was insured for 100. The fender came to me with a large dent in it (probably from shipping). Long story short, when using UPS the sender has to file for a insurance claim anytime a product is damage or stolen. The guy filed, recieved the 100 dollar insurance... along with my 45 dollar initial paymen and change e-mail adresses and I never heard from him again.

    I know how it feels man, it pisses you off. But you gotta keep up the fight and not let go. This kinda of action is not acceptable by any decent human being. And if I can be of any assistance to you I am here, you just let me know.
  18. This is a shame,and a horrible experience to have to go through.
    This *******,Robert Tettemer,is less than zero and deservers some good old fashion, "vigilante justice",before the police get him, if theres anything left for them to get afterwards.( only recommending this form of justice if the parties administrating this form of justice get away 100% scot free).
    A**holes like this should be shot!
  19. Ditto

    I too have been a victim. $85 for a chrome BBK strut tower brace...made the guy an offer after his ebay auction ended :doh: sent payment with paypal to [email protected] and never heard from him since.

    I think its safe to say all of us have been ripped off at one point but I have had good luck with stangnet! THANKS GUYS!!