1100$ Rip Off!!!!

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  1. yeah, it sucks bad :notnice: , this is alot of money to some kid who is putting his own way through college by waiting tables at night, took me ALONG time to save that up, especially after i called ebay/paypal reps before hand and they all assured me it was all good. was just about to get serious with my car and this will set me back for at least a good year, i was so stoked when i placed that order too, aluminum heads and nitrous, i guess its true about something that is too good to be true.....

    you can all bet that i will fight this tooth and nail for sure until they bury me, at this point it isn't even all about the money, i talked to this guy for so long and he knew from the start it was a robbery straight lying to my face, i will get this guy if it takes YEARS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS :mad: . I am sooo tempted to just get in my damn stang and drive out to **ckin stroudsberg, Pennsylvania and find that loser, mace him and turn him in myself just for the satisfaction of justice served

    only like the second thing i bought off stangnet also......
    all bs aside though i still think this is a pretty damn cool community of honest guys.


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  2. i do too. keep us informed.
  3. wow I knew I had seen that guys name before! What a peice of ****!!! That really sucks. At least it seems like your getting a little info. With all the stuff you have on him you should be able to get your money back from pay pal. Id def press the issue leagaly, this guy needs to get whats coming to him! I HATE hearing stuff like this, it makes it so hard on the rest of us.
  4. I got ripped off on ebay and i will NEVER use it again unless the seller is within 50 miles from me. I highly suggest that u guys and girls not use it for things that are high dollar. Like Car Parts. Just my two cents. And I only lost about 60 bucks but i didnt get it back. Sorry to hear about your problem but the fact is ebay doesnt care. So i am Banning them from my buy list.

    lates DC
  5. defintly hope you get your money back if i threw down 1100 i would not be able to survive so i know how you feel about loosing that much sorry man

  6. yeah, i know one thing for sure, I WILL NEVER USE EBAY AGAIN UNLESS ITS 50$ OR LESS, they also straight lied to me and told me i would be protected and it doesn't seem like they are going to refund me now cause this loser probably pulled the money out of his account immediately.
  7. i spoke with my attorney today and he clarified the long arm statute of interstate commerce not only allows lawsuits of up to THREE TIMES the initial amount (1100 times 3 = 3300$) but that it can extend the time frame with in which you can file a case by 8 YEARS and very often, much longer, this is best used in civil courts but it can also be applied in criminal courts, i am a buisness major in school so this is all homework and maybe i can write a trip out to PA off on my taxes as educational expense .

    anyone prosecuting should remember that you can sue in both civil and criminal courts at the same time and both judgments are binding, once wages are garnished also you are eligable for parts of any paycheck the defense recieves forever basically, only revocable at the discretion of a judge, so once the judgement is made as guilty, unless the defense moves to mexico or works some garbage job under the table for the rest of his life you get his money forever before he even sees it.
  8. i just spoke with this guy for awhile today and he seemed OK with refunding me my money, when i have my money in my hand, everything will be ok, until then its just promises. i will be sure to keep this post current about the status of this case.
  9. Hope things work out. Sucks that anyone should have to even deal with crap like this. I no longer buy expensive parts off e-bay or the classifieds after all of the stories I've heard.
  10. WAIT wait wait wait.... First, how did you get a hold of the guy? Second, what was his reasoning behind not delivering? and Third, was he scared? :rlaugh:
  11. i dont know what the real deal is, but honestly, i dont have my money yet, when i have 1100$ in my hand, then its all good, until then it is still a dispute, he emailed me a bunch and then called me so thats how i talked to him, he actually called me! pretty strange since again and again he promised to call me and never did until today, seemed reasonable today though,

    actually, he did seem a little scared :shrug: , he said people were calling him and giving him death threats and saying that for 500$ they would burn his house down!! i never wanted his house burnt down and i never even communicated with anyone about the reward so i dont know what ther real deal is, but getting this guys family killed wasn't the goal!! i just wanted justice to be served.

    he says he is refunding me my money and then will ship the parts COD, when i get the parts i'll let everyone know, he said he posted all this stuff on so many sites he lost track of what he was doing and got disorganized, he said he put the heads back on his car,i dont know, he said he has already refunded many people their money, all i want is for everything to be straight up and for everyone who got screwed to just get their money back, straight up. again i dont know what reality is i am just passing on what he told me, i honestly hope this really is a big misunderstanding or something cause i want to believe he wasn't just out to rob everyone, time will tell if that is the truth or not, in the end WHEN we all have our THOUSANDS of dollars back then i'm happy, when that happens i will post it immediately.

    until this happens i dont really know what the real, honest truth is, hopefully this guy i will post his side of the story so we can all see this out in the open and all know what is going on.
  12. he said he would post a response to all this by tonight, so i guess we will all see what he has to say.

    everyone who got screwed, please post if you got your money back also, so we can keep this out in the open

    by the way, thanks everyone for all your help and support, this has been a fu**ing ordeal and i cant wait to just have my money back.
  13. Well??? I never seen a response? Whats the progress of the situation??
  14. So he posted ads all over and lost track of everything? That doesn't make sence at all.How can you lose track of a business deal...purchasing items...selling items over the internet.And since Allforspeed purchased these items,how is it this Robert character can forget he sold sold these and then go on and sell 2 of the very same parts to another person.Let alone,why would this man continue to try and sell other items and lose track of it all then not even call any of these people back till god knows when? It doesn't make any sence at all.

    This guys just full of crap! And by the way,where is the post he said he'd write up? Personally I think he's just full of hot air and trying to to blow off more time.

    Issues with people like this never end.Because of all this,I definately wont be using Paypal for anything.I'm going to pass this on to a friend of mine.We both own Stangs and he's purchased car parts off of e-bay a few times.I'd hate to see my friend get scammed by someone.And if it were $1100,he'd be ripping this guy a new @$$hole (As would I)...hope it all works out for you man...
  15. Wow..thats one helluva story there.....hope you get it back. I hate people who dont send and just take the money *cough "FEDUP" cough*

    At least I haven't been screwed by e-bay yet. Knock on wood.

  16. This guy ripped me off for $800 I bought the trickflow heads and the gt40 intake, I have tried calling him emailing him and no response. it's been 3 weeks now I don't know what the !!!!!! is going on with this guy!
  17. No offense, but that is the most ugly hood I've ever seen....especially when you don't have a blower setup for the use of it...
  18. yeah, i dont know how he lost track of what he was selling, i only know of a couple mustang sites and i only saw this stuff on here, its only like 4 or 5 items anyway?? i dont know what else he was selling, like i said i have NO IDEA what the real deal is and frankly, dont care, i only want my money back, it looks like paypal might cough up anyway and my credit card company may do a chargeback so i'm waiting a few days on this to see whats up, it is strange that the guy who got ripped off above has a different adress for robert tettemer though........

    Robert, why dont you post up here? you asked me to take your personal info off so i know you see this post. let everyone know your side or forever have your name slandered here, if it really is a big misunderstanding than explain it here to all the people who got ripped off so we can all feel better. We are all reasonable people here who just want our money back, so speak up if you ever want to sell anything here again. would hate to have your IP banned for nothing.

    PS: i should know in 3-4 days if my money is coming back through the easy means or if i'm putting a flight out to PA on my credit card to file some felony charges.
    I'll be sure to post everything here.
    thanks for all your support and help everybody, stangnet ****ing rocks!
  19. Allforspeed, even after you get your money back you can still procecute him for theft because he failed to deliver the goods and kept your money (IE possessed your property ($) without your permission). The legal definition of theft is pretty wicked and very broad based. I got to hear it during the court hearings.

    I just went though this with my garage last year when a local Chevy scumbag cleared it out of all the ford performance parts. His girlfriend is paying me back $2150 through the department of probation after spending 50 days in jail for selling my stuff that he left at her place after he got hauled off for stealing a Harley over the summer...

    I still get pissed when I think about it.

  20. that sucks bad man, at least you got some justice in the end..... damn, i didn't know that i could still prosecute on theft charges even when i get my stuff back, i know through inter-state commerce laws all judgments are tripled in value also, so thats a pretty big purse.

    I know how you feel about getting ripped off though, i'm so *****ng pissed right now, i'm reallly mad. I"m lucky he doesn't live near me or i'd probably get in trouble. my attorney is real good for me though, and helps make the legal avenues of revenge real vicious, i'll have to ask him about that theft thing also, that could be real nasty with triple value damages and with all the bros that got taken, i just got contacted by two more guys who say they got ripped off so with the supercharger deal from last year, thats a total value of like 6-7000$ times 3, man, thats around 20 grand. with wage garnishing for eternity,i really hope this doesn't go to court for Robert Tettemers sake..........