1100$ Rip Off!!!!

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  1. i just got contacted by paypal and they were only able to refund me 499.33 and not the rest, so i'm still out 600$, after Robert Tetter assuring me he was not contesting the money, it turns out that he pulled most of my money and all of everyone elses money out of his account, i will now seek recourse through my credit card companies and the police and i am posting Roberts info back up so that others will hopefully be not totally screwed by this guy when they search with his adress/info.

    Robert when you see this you should call me immediately as i am pursuing legal action as we speak. :mad:

    looks like the total screw-tally is around 6 grand, so Robert you better call me or the courts will HANG you for this, and we will garnish your wages for life, i will try to seize all your assets, i will take everything down to YOUR PARENTS HOUSE!! my attorney is ruthless and you have once again lied to me.

    if you are able to arrest this man, or provide any information leading to his arrest, i personally have a 500$ CASH reward on him, and i am in contact with MANY other guys who are all down to throw in on the reward pot, so if you know this guy or are willing to find him for the police, there is a lot of money waiting for you.
  3. i guess hes not gonna respond or call u back :shrug:
  4. seems unlikely, he told me over and over again that the 1100$ was in his account and that he was not contesting this case, in fact, he didn't even have 500$ in his account, which means he pulled the other 600$ of MY money out of his account and then lied to me in order to stall for time, if he had simply not responded to the paypal dispute i would have gotten my money back immediately, but he actually did respond and pulled my money out of his account
    i talked to paypal about this account activity and they confirmed this. it has already been a few days since i left mesasages/emails/and IM's to Robert and i have not heard anything back yet, i have always maintained that if he would simple send me my money and refund anyone who got screwed than this would all be over and i would let the police know and tell my attorney, he has REPEATEDLY fed me lies now and misinformation as well as stole from me and i am no longer relying on him email me, if he does i will be sure to keep this post current
  5. I hope you rip his [email protected] off. I got ripped off on ebay also, but not by him.
  6. Glad you made it a point to tell me, that really means a lot coming from you :rolleyes:
  7. keep it clean guys....

    i like the big cowl hood anyway, thats a clean as$ stang with a sick paint job
    and this site isn't for ripping on anyone based on your own opinion anyway,
  8. Sorry man, I don't mean to steal your thread or anything. I just couldn't figure why he felt it was that important to tell me :OT: .

    Anyway I'm glad to hear you got some of your money back so far. If I were you I would definetly be after some compensation for all the agrivation that you had to go through (definetly don't settle for just the $1100). Maybe this will be a good example for someone else who thinks about screwing people out of there money. Good luck.
  9. well, robert tettemer DID contact me and seems intent on sending me the money, so if he was intent on robbing me i dont know why he would keep contacting me, but if he wasn't trying to rob me than how did this get this far?? :mad:
    i dont know what the deal is and this has been a NIGHTMARE!, it will be along time before i buy something used after this, i STILL dont have my money or any of these parts, so i still dont know what the honest truth is, he says he is going to paypal me the money in the next couple days,

    if i dont get my money, though, this hasn't even begun,
  10. Just subscribing... paypal left me hanging too. Thanks for nothing.
  11. just to fill this in, i called my credit card/debit card with washington mutual and they INSTANTLY refunded me my money and are investigating it, if they find any issues than they will take their money back if its my fault, talk about customer service/faith, just instantly give me 1100$, the guy at washington mutual today said i should be able to keep the 500$ i got refunded and the 1100$, though i'm not sure i believe that, that would be Sweeeet though, 500$ straight up. so moral of this story is ALWAYS use your credit cards when purchasing stuff online, there is NEVER a way to be 100% safe either, and one other guy who got ripped off said that because he could prove to paypal that he got a faulty trackng number that he got all his money back quick without problems, so maybe i should have done that instead of "he never shipped it" would have been better to say "the tracking number was fraudulent" if anyone doing internet buisness who is/has gotten screwed has any questions just feel free to PM me or email at if you want any tips, i have been through EVERY damn thing on this, the sister post at corral also has some good tips.

    i'm glad i got my money back, thanks for everyones help and support and offers to help me with this, i really appreciate it, see you guys at the strip!
  12. I remember reading that post last year, Jamie. How much have you received so far?
  13. Dont just drop it, persue it.

    Information and Complaint Forms:

    Better Business Bureau - www.bbb.org
    Federal Trade Commission - www.ftc.gov
    Fraud Bureau - www.fraudbureau.com
    Fraud.org - www.fraud.org
    International Internet Investigators - safety.iweb.net.au/main.htm
    International Web Police - www.web-police.org
    Internet Fraud Complaint Center - www.ifccfbi.gov
    Scamhound - www.scamhound.com
    U.S. Postal Inspection Service - www.usps.com/postalinspectors

    Information Only:

    CCIPS of the Criminal Divison of the U.S. DOJ - www.cybercrime.gov
    Federal Bureau of Investigation - www.fbi.gov
    National Consumers League - www.nclnet.org
    National White Collar Crime Center - www.nw3c.org
    Trollhunters.com - www.trollhunters.com
    U.S. Secret Service - www.treas.gov/usss

    Zip Code Finder:

    Reverse Phone Directory: (beware the amount of popups):
  14. well, i guess paypal wont give my credit card company any money so they have to pursue it with this a$$hole's bank and if they cant get the money then i'm screwed, this is pretty ****ed up for sure and i will fight it to the end, that list of organizations is awesome too! thanks stangnet, this place is the best!
  15. Ive been through this before.

    If you want anything done get a lawyer especially for the ammount you got ripped for. Mine was going to cost me more to sue that the item I paid for was worth. So I had to let the guy slide.

    And PAYPAL never does ****. Dont ever deal with them. They took and gave back $530 that I already cashed. Because I didn't give them a trk#. Week later they claim what I recieved was stolen credit card funds. And they canceled payment on funds I sent to Rick91gt for torque boxes. They now want the defference.

    As you can see in my sig. Local sales only from now on. I recommend that to everyone. Too much potential to get ripped on the net. And its too hard to sue for items that cost you about what a laywer does. And If you lose your case for some odd reason. You lose double.

    Allforspeed- take my advice, stop waisting time with the credit card companies and paypal and sue him. Having to show in court will get him off his ass.
  16. i followed this from the beginning. Still no word from the A-hole himself?
  17. thanks for following this guys, hopefully there is some good stuff for others to read to avoid being ripped off like me:notnice:

    the final story:

    i ended up getting all of my money back from my credit cards by calling washington mutual, but only cause the whole thing went down on ebay was i even vaguely protected. Paypal only offerd to refund me less than half of what i lost even though this guy was a convicted felon with multiple warrants out for his arrest!!! i was able to find his grandma and a few other relatives of his through calling all the names in the phone book in the surrounding area with the same last name and they were able to help local sheriffs track him down though i'm not sure what happened though i know they arrested him at some point. since i got my money and am absolutely crazy busy with school i chose not to fly out there to press charges though i got in contact with many other people who got ripped off by this dude here on stangnet and over at corral.

    MUCH THANKS to all the stangnet and corral bros who lived in the area who offered to help me take care of business!!!:cheers: :cheers: you guys restore my faith in man kind, and thats one of the reasons i love this hobby!

    IF anyone reading this has any questions or would like ANY help in prosecuting someone or anything at all feel free to PM me or email me at [email protected]

    stay safe everyone and best of luck.
  18. hey man, that's great to hear that you got your $$ back. hard work and staying at it pays off! someone did the same to me, for a set of rims, i did the same think, even called family, they tried to help...but he was just too stubbern. then my cousin had to take a business try to ATL......long story short, he brought me back my money, with a bit of intrest ;) . paypal sucks, ebay sucks, they minus well have monkey run the company. anyway, congrats.
  19. Phew, read that whole thread, glad you got ur money back. Paypal ripped me for 50 bucks when no one sent the item and wouldnt give me my money back. That was the first time I had ever used Ebay. And the Last. I either buy new from Summit or the likes, Or from my local speed shop.
  20. Holy $hit!!!! I can't belive that I finally got through all the posts about this, both here and on the corall.


    I am really disappointed that you did not file charges. I totally feel for you and am glad that you got your money back. On the other hand you posted and posted about justice....other people....etc etc. It's typical for people in our society to talk the talk and not walk the walk. All you really managed to do is pepetuate the perception that its not to hard to get away with fraud because people aren't willing to really follow thru on these types of things.

    I am not saying you are a bad person or anything like that. All I'm saying is that you made a big deal out of the situation and even got other people involved with the intent of making things happen- making things better. When you're bank gave you back your money you let it go because you were too busy. What happened?

    I buy a lot of stuff on EBAY and have even bought a few things through the Stangnet classifieds with no trouble at all...I've been lucky. That's why I would have wanted to see you take this thing all the way like you said you would. I want people to see this stuff and think twice about trying to rip honest folks off. By not following through you only helped incentivise the risks of defrauding people. I too am short on time. If you don't get what I'm saying post back and I'll explain further.