12:01 AM Sunday - Pics and Specs Released

Discussion in '2007 - 2014 Shelby GT500 Tech' started by MRaburn, Jan 5, 2006.

  1. We will be posting all the latest release info at that time... stay tuned. ;)

    My names on a list, #3. How bout you. :D
  2. #2 at $500 down MSRP in writing....hoping for the best
  3. You guys are lucky. Dealers here in CALIFORNIA pre-sold there cars at $55000.00 or are having LIVE AUCTIONS when they get them!!! VILLA FORD-LIVE AUCTION....KEN GRODY-LIVE AUCTION....RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA FORD-PRE-SOLD....GALPIN FORD-PRE-SOLD:chair:
  4. #1 on the local list for a 'vert here in Kansas City, no deposit needed for MSRP.
  5. I think you all missunderstand what #3 means in the case of MRaburn.

    Notice that in his signature, he has Bullitt Serial #0005?

    That is Serial #0003 that he will be getting, not the 3rd one from his local dealership.
  6. Nope Tyler, sad to say... just #3 on a dealership in Detroit area. Not shooting for a low serial, Id probably have to shoot someone to get low on this one. heh
  7. My mistake...

    A long time ago you mentioned you were #3 and I guess I made an assumption that it had something to do with the low # on the Bullitt.

    I guess I failed that test.

    #3 on a list in Detroit should help you get a low number though.
  8. Rock on... #1 on a list at a dealership here in DFW. No telling how they will try to screw me on this "market price" BS though...
  9. #1 on the list at a dealership in El Paso. Not that it matters, I am sure the "market adjustment" will adjust me right out of buying one :(
  10. It's past Sunday - is this information posted?