12.4 at 120.8mph ? how much power?

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  1. I am consistently running 12.40's at 120 on street tires, the quickest pass was 12.12. I have a wheel spin problem cause the mph is up there and that is back peddling first and second all the way out of the gas. I am curious to know if any of you have a similar mph in your 03-04 vert. I would really like to get a estimation on how much power this thing is making. I have some more parts to go on but this car is down right fun to drive.
  2. power

    what type of street tire are you running?

    i go just for fun street tires and full tank of gas...im still stock..my best is [email protected]

    if i had to guess on power about [email protected]

    anyone else have guesses
  3. I also trapped 120.8 and my car makes 494 RWHP. This should serve as a good point of reference.:)
  4. hey sorry I have not been on here is a bit and thank you for the replies
    contental contisportcontact 275 35 18
  5. dyno was 474 490 not to shabby
  6. I trap at 121-124 with 2.2-2.3 60fts. My car makes 591/548. Do NOT have the PPRV delete. I should. Car would go 130 I bet. This thing cuts out BAD between gear shifts, it's annoying.