[email protected] V6 4.0 w/8.5LBS of Boost

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  1. Well, I finally broke into the 12’s, and not just once, but three times in a row!!!! So, I went to the Northern Virginia Mustang Club track day event. Track was ours at 8am this morning!!! And temperatures were in the 70’s!!!

    Here were my first batch of runs:

    [email protected] MPH w/2.12 60ft
    [email protected] MPH w/1.98 60ft
    [email protected] MPH w/2.03 60ft
    [email protected] MPH w/2.00 60ft

    At this time I was so close I was going nuts. I was in the pits with Raneboxcyx, Excepcion13 and Fitbikeco!!! So, I gotta launch harder….so I call Scrming up, he says did you check your front tires, make sure they are at 50psi…I’m like no!
    So I do that, I was down to 30psi in the front. Doh!!! Bring them up to 45psi, then check the back…30psi….bring them down to 28psi.

    Then I take out the jack, empty the glove box, take out the carpet/wood piece from the trunk. Then a fellow S197 GT owner (2k05gt) says, the lower portion of the seat snaps on, its 10lbs, but everything counts as close as you are. So he takes out the lower portion of my back seat…..

    Get up to the line, launch at 2500 to 2600, spin a tad at the line…..

    [email protected] MPH w/1.99 60ft

    Ranebowcyxx says go back and back it up……

    [email protected] MPH w/1.93 60ft

    Holy crap, my best ever!!!!! Then I go a 3rd time before the event ends…..

    [email protected] MPH w/1.97 60ft

    So my best ever was a 12.8!!!!!! Excepcion13 did great to, for his first time out he was hitting mid to low 13’s with no problem, no power shifting, launching light, just taking it easy. He got a 13.1 and is trapping at 109MPH!!!! Holy crap.

    Raneboxcyx did great too, hitting high 14’s and a best of 14.90 I believe. And Fitbikeco really impressed us, hitting 14.9’s consistently, and this is with only a CAI, Dougs tune and MRT muffler. He has an OPEN diff!!! Stock gearing and is still doing great!

    It was great to see the 4.0 stangs representing, and they were not the slowest stangs out today.
  2. You kicked butt today, man! All that hard work and planning paid off!! First POV S197 in the 12's, I think. A pioneer!!


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  3. Thanks man!!! You did amazing for your first time out, and on street tires. 13.1, wow!!!
  4. Awesome times guys! You might nudge your moderator to post an announcement or make this a temp sticky for any V8 trolls that happen by.

    Congratulations again! You're opening the doors for others to follow.

    You might want to post your combos to prevent this thread being moved to the Talk section.

    Besides... I'm sure there are folks who will want to know what it takes to put these cars into the 12s!
  5. Thanks man!!! Appreciate the props and tips.

    I'm running the following:

    • PH Turbo at 8.5psi
    • PHP Alt. Pulley
    • M&H Drag Radias 275/55/16
    • Dual Flow Master American Thunder
    • PH LCA's
    • PH UCA
    • Ford TLoc
    • Ford 3.73 gears
  6. You both have bad ass setups... I am in awe! True 4.0 pioneers! Congrats!
  7. I agree.. they do need to post someting tech related in these times threads to keep them in tech..

    Please give a list of mods or somthing about your combo
  8. AWESOME Rygen, keep up the good work!

  9. I am confused, and I don't mean any disrespect, but why all of this work on a V-6. Why didn't you start with the V-8?
  10. No internal mods?
  11. Man, if I had a dollar for everytime I got that line. I will try to do the cliff notes version of my story:

    -Was putting my neice through school (college, can be a bit on the expensive side)
    -Insurance was insane with 18yr old on my plan, even though she wouldn't be listed as a driver for my GT
    -GT's in my area for what I wanted would have put me at 32K
    -This was more of a challenge
    -The look on the guys face at the track when I run 12's and flat 13's all day long....priceless!!!

    Now, my neice is gone, I have plenty of mod money, car is paid off, already shopping for another fox (to replace my old one). Sure, hind sight 20/20, I could have waited for the prices to come down on the S197 V8,s drive to southern VA and pick one up. But now, I'm too hooked on building under dog cars that kick ass. Last time I went to the track, the only cars that could beat me had to be brougt in on trailers! Besides, this is more of a challenge...and I get a lot of respect from the track vets. Of course I get crap for being a six at the track, even despite my times...usually from some guy with no racing experience, and/or his car has never staged before.

    I mean, didn't you switch from a GT coupe to a GT vert (05 to 06)? Wouldn't it have been cheaper to get a edge vert or a miata? We all get what we want/can afford at the time.

    What does your car run?
  12. Not yet, I assume you mean building up the bottom end. I need to aquire another car before I start messing with that project. Been shoping for another car in fact. Need to be able to get to work you know. :nice:
  13. rygenstormlocke, I hear you out, V6s are more of a challenge to get going fast. theyre more of a mystery to work with rather than having everything bolt right on while a file tune. People raise a brow when I tell them I supercharged my Ranger... you (as well as a few other OHC enthusiasts) are the only few who understand where I am coming from. I dynod at 270rwhp on a sloppy tune (loooong story) without methanol (its hooked up, just not tuned for it) with the Eaton M112 (from the Lightning). I peak at 12psi on a bone stock motor (pistons, crank, heads, etc).

    Ive been contemplating a few things as well. I need to swap to a 5 speed. Id love to find a blown 4.0 cammer to play with and build.

    What numbers are you puting at the wheels?

    those are some impressive times.
  14. He's got a ride that's roughly a full second faster than your GT in the 1/4 mile and it's entirely unique... for less than the cost of what he could have gotten a GT for. That's a rather solid platform to build up from, imho.
  15. yeah, or why not just put down a cool million on a Bugatti? I mean - WTF?!


    give me a break ....
  16. Thanks man. Putting down 299rwhp/347rwtq on a mustang dyno. An Eaton M112 is sick, I have heard stories of guys running them on rangers tuned by bama chips.

    I've seen some sick fast rangers at FFW. What you getting on the track? Got any pics of your beast?
  17. Ill try get some pictures up when I get home. Theres a whole thread over at www.rangerpowersports.com in the picture section of the boards, search for M112 install and it should show up, im GoneWheelin over there.

    Doug at Bama is a master mind, very helpful guy. He tuned a M112 4.0 SOHC in a single cab, shortbed, stepside, '04 Ranger which originally had a 3.0 in it. Light as all get out. He took a Camaro SS, that guy was ticked, he followed the Ranger till he stopped, he could not figure out how he got beat by a Ranger.

    My 1/4 times are horrible. The other night I put in a 15.8 @ 82mph. Couple hours later when it cooled down it ran 14.9 at 89mph. Its very temperature sensative right now. The tune is quite sloppy. The motor was detonating and the tranny was slipping between shifts. Once we get the base tune finished up, itll go on the dyno for methanol tuning. Its been a long hard road, but we'll get there.

    Shootin for high 13s by the time its done. Its a heavy truck being extra cab and a 4x4. Smaller tires would help a ton, but Im trying to keep the truck as functional as I can.
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