[email protected] V6 4.0 w/8.5LBS of Boost

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  1. I guess?? But really, for the extra $2500 for a GT he'd be even quicker - no doubt about it!

  2. $2500??? Go back and RE-READ his post... A GT would have cost him close to $10,000 more!!! NOT $2500! A GT would have cost me $8,000 more!!

    Back when we bought our V6's we were not able to find GT's with out the big MARKUP! Trust me... If I could have gotten a GT for a least MSRP I would have probably gone that route... but as a rule I never even pay MSRP! LOL! And I certianly never pay $3000 OVER MSRP!

    And yes, I have spent more then $3000... but I would rather spend $$$ at a place like MRT, where I feel i get something for my $$$ than give the dealership one extra penny because he happens to have a car in stock! LOL!

    In case you can't tell, I get the GT question a lot too! LOL!
  3. lets get away from the V6/V8 debate. V6 owners dont need the hassle and this topic has been beat to death for years.
  4. rygen, awesome times. :nice:
  5. Great lookin' setup! I just love the looks of the Eatons!

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  6. Agreed.
    Those who wish to participate in the V6 forums need to either help, comment positively, or simply move along. No further tolerance will be allowed for inciting heated discussion in these subforums.

    Have a nice day.
  7. Thanks man. After the DS and the stall, I'm hoping for even better times.

  8. That is one beautiful truck man!!! I like that grille!!!!

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