12.87 Bone Stock

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  1. HAHA I was wondering how long it would take you to post that. LOL

    Very impressive time! Cordova is a a hell of a track they prep it really well and those were great condtions for that run. Hopefully some more guys can back that time up.
  2. was noticing most of those ET times were over 13.3.. but crazy MPH ... .. guess Camaro should have stayed with a solid axle
  3. The Solid rear axle is on its way out the door from the mustang im sure. Although its proven durable by Ford, I think they still will go with an IRS setup eventually.

    As far as the MPH goes, yeah there all posting 12.80 or better times with some traction.
  4. Yeah 61 degrees is prime for running. Hell its over 100 almost everyday down here. Like ive said in previous posts though, I think once these guys learn there ride, im sure we'll see consistant 12.90s to 13.20s.
  5. Very impressive, I knew it wouldn't be that hard to get the new Camaro into the 12s.

    I recall a so-called "12-second" club for 4th gen LS1 F-bodies for supposedly bone-stock cars that ran in the 12s (just barely into the 12s obviously). If I recall, the list included A4 (automatic) cars, but the automatics in 4th gens from what I've read are unreal.
  6. Pending on the Gears, some came with 2.73s, and like mine I have 3.42s. Ive rarely seen the F-Bodys bone stock hitting 12s, I see alot of 13.0s. Im sure thats a small club of stock 12s though.
  7. quickest heard with a stock 4th gen was [email protected] and some change...regardless this new ss has the mph for mid 12's easily, this just makes me want one even more :)