12.96 Stang - UCA/OR-X

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  1. They are suppose to run around a 13.7 so that a pretty good improvement for sure
  2. Not bad 'if its true' No reason to doubt him. would like to see mine go 12.9.
  3. Id have to see it in person to believe it.

    However, I have no doubt, that with the right tires, a tune, and a 3.73, these are easily 12 second cars.
  4. I didn't think of the gearing doh
  5. Just want to update on this car.he added Weld Racing wheels and tires and a drop in K&N filter and went 12.50s at 108.. to date the car now has 4:30 gears electric water pump, aluminum drive shaft and went [email protected] you can read the story in this months 5.0in the showcase section also in racers notes there is a 2010Gt with a C&L cold air kit, custom tune and went [email protected]:nice:
  6. If a lightly modded 4.6 gt is enough to take a camaro the 5.0 will surely be the death of the camaro...again..
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  7. well I would hate to see goverment motors quit making the camaro again. but with them not being able to pay back the full bailout they got doesn't look like it will be long before the camaro is gone again..
  8. :rolleyes:
  9. Lets just be real...

    The mustang isnt the king of the muscle cars because of its POWER. If you think that....your fooling yourself. The mustang has been on top because of 2 things.....1... its affordable price....2.....its killer styling. The V6 mustang outsells the GTs by a wide margin...so power has nothing to do with the mustangs current reign of, Top Muscle Car.

    The Problem going on now is that Ford is actually getting worried....why? you ask. Well lets see. The Mustangs new look 05-09 took off like wildfire (Yet Again) and ford offered a more powerfull V8..yet the V6 was still outselling the GTs. Because of styling of course...so Ford thought that just to keep the fire burning, Ford would unveil the new mustang Styling to fend off Camaro buyers, right ? I mean its in the mustang history that its Looks always out did its performance, especially from 85 to 04 styling wise....so Ford offered a new restyled Mustang thinking thats all it needed. Yet the New Camaro is pulling away in sales, lets be honest....the Camaro has been out for years....pictures anyway, movies.ect. When Ford unveiled the mustang it had several faces untill launch, which is why it sold to unbelievable numbers (Smart, very smart move).

    Heres where all this is leading......Although WE want a new 5.0, and WE are hyped about the performance aspect of the new motor..... Most buyers could care less !! Thats the problem..... Why would we think a car thats down 34%, is going to get a HUGE boost by being more expensive, heavier and still has the skin of a car that apperantly isnt appealing to the american consumer.....Because of more horsepower? No way.....V6s rule the mustang roost.

    Maybe to you and me its appealing to have more horsepower and torque, but the numbers arnet lieing...and we dont make up the majority of mustang sales.

    Like this comment or not, the new Camaro is a more than a "got to have it" car in my opinion. The styling is very nice, and power is great..the wieght not so much....but then again, thats a car junkies opinion, not the majority buyer. One statistic thats interesting is that 80% of all camaro sales are V8s...so that leaves hope that the New 5.0 is indeed going to boost sales, although that would be first that the majority buyer would buy a mustang for its power rating. I dont know.....Id like to be optimistic about the future sales, but history says different about the mustang.... maybe the Camaro isnt a Dead stick after all....maybe the future King of the Muscle Cars is about to change regimes...

    Time will tell, and this is an opinion.....
  10. I don't recall anyone saying the Mustang was king because of power?

    The "Got to have it" factor is a matter of opinion. Some like the styling, some don't, while it does look nice on the outside, I'd rather not drive a 40k car with a 15k interior. My 05 Mustang looked upscale compared to that.

    The fact that 80% of the sales are V8 goes to show that a lot of these sales are likely GM fans wanting to scoop one up at any price before GM kills it again, so why settle for a V6? Because, you said it yourself, the average consumer does not care about power, so these may not be your average consumers buying these things up RIGHT NOW?

    I'd still be skeptical to say that the Camaro is "pulling away" in sales. It's beating the Mustang because it's "new" even though we've been looking at it for 3 years now. Give it a year and see how it stands the test of time. Oh, and I doubt a year from now 80% of the sales will be of the V8 variety, that's when reality will sink in. If GM is still in business that is.
  11. 5.0 Mustangs back in the day where the car to have, and not for their looks but for their performance and the aftermarket. You talk about the Mustang like it's a slow under performing car and that people only own them because of their looks. Ford has always made several different versions on the Mustangs, the v6, GT, Cobra, GT500, whatever. Guys that want all the power go for the Cobras and GT500s. Lets also remember that 03-04 Cobras are faster then the new Camaros are.

    I wouldn't own a Camaro because I'm a Ford guy and I want the Mustang to win and sell more. But at the same time I also want the Camaro to be succesful for all the Camaro guys out there to have their car around to talk about. :flag:
  12. personaly,,,Back when i bought my first mustang 9 years ago,,,, this is hard for me to say,,,, sigh,,,, I was looking for a camaro!!!:jaw: Drove several of each. The slight power difference wasnt near enough to eclipse the cons. Plus I kind of like being the underdog in a race. Its much more fun to beat guys that just know that your car is slower than theirs!

    There were some 120000 mustangs sold in 2005. How many Camaro's is chevy planning on building this year? I couldn't find any actual numbers but saw the number 65k somewhere. Might not be accurate though. None the less, I will be impressed if the camaro passes the number of mustangs sold in 2005. I will be impressed if it even reaches 100k with the economy like it is.

    I like the comaro though. Not gona buy one, but the competition is a good thing for ford. It will push them to improve on what we already have.
  13. The last 3 post make alot of sence. :nice:
  14. I was just making an opinion, all you guys have great responses as well....

    Your right as to say that Time will tell about the Camaro, I hope it still is close to sales as the mustang...its winning right now, but how about tomorrow ? I hope it continues to hold strong.

    The 5.0s were slow...or should I say (4.9s)....but they were the "In" car and ppl love the great sound a stang makes, I personally think the 5.0 body style is the best made. Just my opinion, and yes Ford does offer many different versions of the mustang for the horsepower junkies out there....which is why im a big fan of the mustang...

    As far as Sales numbers go, the Camaro wont reach anywhere near the 05 sales...different time in era, and the economy is horrible. Not to mention they over showed the Camaro, killing the buzz before launch.

    My last post was all about Sales figures, not performance....When I said King of the Muscle Cars I was referring to sales. I just think the Camaro has finally offered a vehicle that will go toe to toe with mustang in sales....I hope. Just my opinion guys.
  15. I see your point :)

    But as far as I'm concerned the Camaro is just playing catch up...it's about 3.5 million sales behind the Mustang :D

    Just pokin fun man though, everyone's focused on the short term, so of course its outselling now, but there are many factors behind that :)
  16. My thoughts on the camaro for what they are worth:

    First of all, I am not a Ford fan boy. I had a 2002 ford mustang and it was a piece of $hit. It rattled and was slow, along with being a sloppily made over priced car. I kept it about a year and bought a neon SRT-4, which seemed like a race car after having that mustang.

    I've also had a couple of camaro's and have liked them fairly well.

    When searching for a car, I had a short list, and the camaro was probably the one I was most interested in. I loved the horsepower it was putting out, and from all the pic's I had seen of it, I really liked the looks, too.

    I also thought about the Huyndai coupe, 370Z, and even the RX-8. I really hadn't considered the mustang, but after reading a car and driver article, where it beat out the camaro, I thought I might take a look at it, but honestly, the camaro was at the top of my list.

    Get to the GM lot and actually see the camaro. I still don't know why, but I just didn't like it as much when seeing it. I have never liked the rear end on it, from the pic's I had seen of it, but that wasn't going to be a deal breaker for me. However, when getting in the inside of it, I just hated the interior. It didn't look cheap or anything...just ugly to me.

    Was it actually as bad as my first impression was??? Probably not. It's just that I was expecting so much more. And then......on top of everything else, they were trying to sell the car for well over the sticker price on it. I decided right then and there to not even drive it. I didn't like it THAT much.

    Make a long story short........

    I end up at the ford dealership. I saw the mustang and really liked the looks of it. The lines on it flowed. It looked muscular and crisp. However, it didn't have the sharp lines. It had a very smooth look to it and just flowed. From the front, it reminded me of the older camaro's. I decided to sit down in it. The car was the base GT, so it was VERY affordable and still looked good. And so I went for a drive.

    I loved the way it handled, the way it sounded, and the weight of the steering. It just felt good. It felt right. The shifter was smooth as could be. It was LIGHT YEARS ahead of my 2002 mustang. The car just felt right...in almost every way.

    Now that I've had it for a while, am I disappointed at all in my choice? No, not really. It is so fun to drive, and it is so easy to drive fast. Everything is so effortless, and this car makes you realize why it is that you do love driving so much.

    The biggest complaint I have on it is that I wish it did have a little more power in it. My old neon would, with just a few mods, would have smoked it through the 1/4, but then again, it would have beaten the camaro, too. And so I wish that ford could have squeezed another 50 to 75 horses out of it, because if they had of, it would be perfect.

    A quick, fun to drive car, that sounds great and is beautiful to look at, for well under $30,000. Can't ask for much more than that.
  17. ^^^ Well put, A true testimony to a car enthusiast... Congrats on the Mustang !!