12" Rotor On 64 1/2-73 Mustangs And Similar V8 Spindle

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  1. Who would like 12" rotors on 64 1/2-73 mustangs and similar spindles? This kit I made uses your oem drum hub which may need to be machined down 1/8" due to casting differences. It uses sn95 rear studs. 2010 crown vic rotors and calipers for an awesome affordable big brake set up.
  2. Sounds awesome!
  3. It's way nice on the mustangs
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  6. The wheels here that they are on a 17" rim. With 1" space reason why a spacer is needed is because this brake kit does not change your track width. So when using newer mustang bullit rims and other new mustang rims a 1" spacer is needed because they do not have proper back spacing
  7. Anyone like the set up
  8. i thinks its very cool. The problem I have ran into, is having factory disc. I havent seen anything affordable to upgrade to. I looked for drum spindles to do the cobra brakes, and people think they are gold now because they are useable.
  9. What year spindles
  10. 65/66 drum or disc spindles are the same. The 65-67 rotor discs bolt right on the drum spindles and the 65-67Ford caliper adapters/dust shields do too. No mods needed.
  11. I'm also working on doing brackets to mount these brakes and other to 68-73 disc spindles
  12. Yes I know the spindles are the same. Was that post directed to me?
  13. my post was in general.I was told by a brake manufacter (i wont say who) they werent the same and i could buy theirs
  14. Weird sorry I'm on my phone and your post cam under another Dennis picture it threw me off
  15. My comment was to Isky. The parts vendor was trying to sell you parts that are absolutely not needed. Factory 65-57 KH disks on an early V8 Mustang is a very easy swap. No special machining or techniques needed. The parts are a simple bolt-on off a donor. The 67 hoses are different where they connect to the chassis but a swap to the 65/66 hoses takes care of that. Thousands of miles on mine (2 cars) with no issues.

    True74yamaha's swap is a step up above the factory offerings.
  16. I see sorry totally miss read
  17. I've also made a kit to mount 09-present gt brakes on 64 1/2-73 mustangs. I'm working on doing the 05 and newer gts and v6 brakes as well so that way you have a variety of rotor sizes you can go with
  18. iskwezm Would this be something youd be interested in? I was actually gonna see for the people who have or switched to the factory four piston Kelsey hayes and then later single piston Kelsey hayes. Would want a set up I know whith the early 65-67 four piston set up the hub in the rotor has a greater out board offset though but this would make it easier to source hubs so people with early factory set up don't have to source new or used hubs as well to do their disc conversion. If you wouldn't be apposed to sending the hubs from the rotors I could see how well is works out with the 12" rotors and everything on it. When you send the hub I could also machine down the od of your stock hub if needed if you'd like to do that it's an option.
  19. Dennis, I already have the KH 4 psiton calipers, that my dad traded Corroll Shelby back in the day for.But being manual brakes they feel weak to me(or im used to braking of my 06 GT)

    True 74-That does sound cool, but if its increasing the the track width, i dont have a lot of room.Due to being as low as i am, i run a couple degrees of negative camber to get a little room.I might have some old rotors laying around, let me check.