$120.00 aluminum driveshaft

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  1. hey guys, i don't race or anything but i am slowly doing just about everything to my car. so my question is there is a guy on craigslist that is selling an aluminum driveshaft unused for 120.00. will i notice anything different with the car or is it a weight only thing. obviously this is all if its actually new like it says and will fit my car. just wondering if it will rev faster or pull out any quicker or is it dropping weight only......? any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. My suggestion is grab it...that is a great deal and a worthy upgrade over the stock piece. It will free up some power due to less weight.
  3. thats what i was thinkning. thanks
  4. Be sure that you get a real Ford Racing part and not an AeroStar junkyard special

    Aluminum driveshaft: (courtesy of shawn13) It needs to be from a 92-93-94 Aerostar AWD. It measures 45 ½” center of the front U-joint to center of the rear U-joint. You will need the U-joint, part #PUJ353 from NAPA. The Canadian NAPA pat number is 1-0134BF. It should bolt right up after the U-joint swap.
    Note: This driveshaft is not an exact duplicate of the Ford Racing part. It is 3” in diameter while the Ford Racing part is 3.5” in diameter.
  5. I dodn't notice a thing when i put my Ford Racing shaft on.

    I remember when these things were $120 brand new
  6. Yeah me too, now they are $270.00
  7. i put a ford racing on mine,, cuts down on the rotating mass for sure! those stock shafts are HEAVY.
  8. so u did urs and u noticed a difference? if thats the case im even more excited............ thanks for the info guys, i gotta call the guy and see if its the real deal or what.
  9. hard to say if there was a differace, i like to get a lot of parts and do everything at once. i would say that everything in the rotating mass area would help.
  10. If you lowered your car, the aluminum 3.5" to 4" diameter driveshaft can hit the e-brake cable bracket on unibody tunnel and a lip of metal on driveshaft tunnel midway down, just something to think about. The e-brake cable bracket can be slightly relocated and the lip of metal in tunnel can be removed for clearance. It depends on how stiff the suspension is.
  11. I would stay away from the ford racing driveshafts. The only reason I'm saying this is because I live in New Jersey right near axle exchange and I was there getting a fly wheel cut when I saw all there mustang driveshafts in the room. I started asking the guys about them and I thought I remembered them being really expensive. It turns out that they weren't really any more expensive then a new ford racing one. In your current position I would grab it up no questions asked but if I was buying a new one I would get an axle exchange. The dude told me that the ford ones are actually seconds and in fact they told me they had at least 2 that were so out of balance right out of the box they had to send them back. He also told me that they spin their driveshafts much faster when weighing and checking them. I love ford racing parts but I don't feel like paying top dollar for things that aren't worth it.
  12. sounds to me like he is trying to sell you his brand:D i have never had anything but top quality stuff from ford racing.
  13. Follow up to my comments about the AeroStar Aluminum driveshaft .
    Use a piece of string and wrap it around the driveshaft. Make a mark on the string where the ends overlap.

    Measure the length of the string:
    On the 3" AeroStar driveshaft the string will be 9.42" or about 9 7/16" long.
    On the Ford Racing 3.5" driveshaft the string will be 10.99" or about 11" long

  14. id take the aerostar over the ford racing one then...
    weight is closer the CL of rotation making it easier to spin.
  15. Smaller diameter is also a reduction in strenght as well.

    SO if you are making 450 HP, i'd choose the larger diameter driveshaft.
  16. 450hp......haha i wish. not even after my hci.................. but thanks to everyone for helping. now if only this guy would get back to me.