$1200 after Iraq-help me

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 54life, Jan 15, 2004.

  1. I have $1200 to put into my car after I get back from iraq...I have a 99 cobra that is all stock except for an air silencer delete. I am thinking of getting a cold air intake, off road x pipe, underdrive pulleys, and 3.73 gears (which is non negotiable) What do you think? Next, I need to know specific brands for each....what do you think? I was thinking bassani x pipe, either steeda or march underdrive pulleys and am not sure of the cold air. Please help me out. You think I can reach 300 rwhp with this combo? How much do you think my ET will decrease...I am thinking about .4-.5. let me know what you think....your help is appreciated. Jon (somewhere in Iraq)
  2. I would skip the CAI and just get a good K and N filter if you dont allready. otherwise it sounds like a good list. MY personal favorite in exhaust setups is a Dr Gas X mated to a set of magnapacks. Loud as heck but good lordy it sounds wicked when ya step on it. With the xtra cash from not buying a CAI, perhaps get some T/A's?
  3. I agree with this.. I put down 397RWHP With just a drop in K&N and a Borla Cat back (03 Cobra)
  4. Before I installed my Procharger, I had basically all the Mods you listed, Steeda Underdrive Pulleys, C&L 80mm MAF Kit, Bassani X-Pipe, MagnaFlow Cat-Back, 3.73 Gears. 287 rwhp then I added Custom tuned Diablosport Chip that made 289 rwhp, then talked to onerichrunner he told me he could reprogram it to get way more hp after I got it back it produced 304 rwhp :nice: . So sounds like you can do it. By the way you will need a chip to fix the speedometer calibration for the 3.73. I still have this chip if you are interested it is for 99 cobra 3.73 gear and custom mods, and also drop in K&N as well. You will just have to check which computer code you have if you computer code is ZMR2 this chip will be perfect. Good Luck
  5. I would just buy a nitrous kit and shoot it about 125hp.
  6. got gas?
  7. everybody needs some!
  8. First I would swap the IRS for a live axle. Then get 4.10's or better, I know you said you wanted 3.73's.

    I have:
    live axle w/ 4.10's
    O/R H pipe, Dynomax ultraflows, eibach springs, timing adjuster at 16 degrees, Steeda pullies, only using crank and waterpump, Pro M 80mm MAF w/ K&N filter, tri-ax shifter. I also have a bit of weight reduction, no spare, and cloth interior.

    My car went 12.99 @ 107 w/ a 2.01 60ft on STREET TIRES.
    I will have Nitto Drag radials soon, and I am hoping for atleast 12.6X
  9. This gave me 301 rwhp:

    Densecharger 100mm
    87mm Pro-M MAF
    Magnaflow Catback
    Bassani X w/cats
    Steeda Pulleys
    Chip & Dynotune