$1200 for traction mods, what would you buy?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by jerry beach, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. I am thinking MM full length subs. UMI upper and lower TQ box reenforcments. And either MM or UMI upper and lower fully adj. control arms. Any reason why not or suggestions for something better are welcome. I am planning on getting a Pro-5.0 with this money also.

    I have drag springs, and got drag radials for Christmas. I guess if something breaks I want it to be the T-5. Then I can upgrade to a Tremmec and start thinking of HP/TQ mods.

    Hope you all had a Merry Chrismas too, thanks for reading, Jerry.
  2. Thats been done, thanks though. I have tokico drag struts up front and lakewoods in back. The Tokicos went with the MM coilover kit up front. I could use some softer front springs though.
  3. 4-cylinder fox front springs are a pretty common. and you could just use your typical drag rear spring.
  4. Sounds like you already have a good plan in mind. I would go with those parts too. I actually plan on using those same suspension components not too far down the line. Maybe you should consider some polyurethane bushings if you don't have them already.

    BTW, what exactly are the benefits of torque box reinforcements? I've read about them before, but I'm still not quite clear why they are so important. I plan on doing subframes and U/L control arms soon and I want to know if I should look into TB reinforcements also.

  6. www.teamzmotorsports.net Get the entire kit (best kit out currently for a drag type set-up), run a stock spring, and the Strange 10 way adj shocks.

    Strange 10 way adj fronts and a coil over conversion kit.
  7. UMI has good stuff, all I run :D

    I am semi local to them so I always give them good word when I can.

    They also just came out with full lengths as well, I think they might have them on there site so check it out or email them and I am sure they will give you a package deal on everything.

    Good Luck
  8. That looks like a nice kit. Looks like spherical metal bearings on both ends of the control arms though. I have heard that is bad on a street car. I was going to go with poly bushings on one end and metal on the other. What is the anti roll bar all about? Does it replace the factory sway bar and do pretty much the same thing? Will it work with tail pipes? I want to keep mine. Thanks for the replys, I just ordered a shifter. Taking a chance on the MGW.
  9. Torque box renforcments are plates that attach to where your lower control arms mount up. They prevent you from ripping them apart from launchs. Cheap and worth the money. Do a search on it.
  10. From my experiences the MM control arms are a lot easier on the torque boxes but reinforcing them is really cheap insurance.

    Definitely full length subs and control arms. I am partial to Maximum Motorsport stuff.

    Have you upgraded the rear axles and diff at all? Depending on what kind of power you are putting on the ground you might want to consider an axle upgrade with the stickier tires. Breaking an axle on c clip 8.8 isn't fun.
  11. Good thought, but I am not worried about axles yet. Engine is stock. I am trying to get the suspension ready before adding power to it. I know thats the opposite of what many stangers do. I figure the suspension was worn out when I started replacing it, and the motor runs good and strong. Get some more use out of the engine while doing suspension upgrades instead of throwing power at a worn stock suspension that wont handle the stock engine. Sounds resonable to me, but who knows. I am a bit strange. I want it to ride nice and be reliable too, its still a driver for now. :D
  12. It is really the smart way to go. You can make all the horsepower in the world but if you can't put it on the ground what good is it.

    On a side note, you going to the Silver Springs show?