1200hp turbo build

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  1. i have the flange made. its a combo of t4/t6. t6 length t4 width.

    yep. im keeping the exhaust split to the housing, it should spool fine with a stall. i do wish it was the smaller housing, but ill live. im keeping the downpipe maxxed. 5" to dual 3". minimum backpressure.
  2. what intake mani you going with? mmr?
  3. nope stock 97 markviii. im going to finish the one i started. its similar to the mmr part.
  4. post some pics of that thing I wanna see it!
  5. its the one in my avatar. Since that pic, i cut off the long runners, made 8 new runners in their place, and welded them in. i just never finished it. all of the runners have a 2 degree taper cut into them. i consulted with THE Sullivan for advice, and made some changes.
  6. headers:

    they are just tacked. have to start somewhere. two more tubes on this side.

    where the tubes from 7 and 8 join, the tubing steps from 1.625 to 1.75".



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  7. Dang, Bill exactly what do you do for a living?

    If say accounting, I am in needing to really step my car game up quit a bit.
  8. im an electrical tech at a powerplant.
  9. Bill where are you getting your header pieces from, if you need a source for stuff Ill let you know who I use or I can get you the stuff at a discount.
  10. ok. i get them from summit. the flanges are lasercut from ebay.
  11. i cant believe i havent done this before now.


    list of things left is getting smaller all the time.
    mount driver's side injectors/rail,
    plumb cooling system,
    mount new replacement manual master cylinder....the new one should require less effort.
    install oil feed line for turbo
    reconnect intercooler stuff/BOV, etc.
    install wideband AF gauge/bung/sensor system in new spot.
  12. of course its one stpe at a time. roll cage, rear end, etc.

    there is a leaf in there i didnt see. lol

    the radiator has plenty of space. it isnt mounted.