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  1. Hey guys new here, and just wanted to get some info from some of you vets out there. First off I am going to be getting a 94-95 gt and want to run hight 12's to really low 13's,and on drag radials at the most. It will be supercharged but only 5-6 psi. I was wondering what it will take to get me to where I want to be? will the 93+ motors live up to that or will I absolutly need a stronger bottom end? I am going to run 4.10's cause I dont do much freeway driving and the suspension will not be optimal for the strip as I want a low sleek look and will be doing either intrax, or sportlines. I will on the other hand be welding the torq boxes and installing upper and lower control arms. heads I was thinking I would get used and port and polish them my self. Intake I was thinking either a trickflow or a GT40. And for a cam I would most likely get a custom grind once the blower was installed, but was also thinking that the E or F cam might do the trick. Along with injectors,fuel pump,adjustable pessure reg,RR's, and subframe connectors do you guys think that would get me where I want to be? I know the stock T5 wont live long behind that but when the time comes Ill do a TKO or somethink of the sort. Let me know what you think, and thanks in advance for the info.
  2. I can almost guarantee that your car won't idle right with the F cam. If you insist on an FMS cam, stick with the E. I don't recommend that you port the heads yourself, especially if they are aluminum. The last thing you need to do is wack a jacket and have to pay a machinist to weld it together again. Plus, 12's are possible (with a supercharger) on the stock E7's assuming you have a stick car or a big converter in the automatic. Some guys on here run 12 pounds of boost through the stock shortblock, so I'm sure that the 5 or 6 that you plan on running won't be a problem. If you are looking for good drag strip times I would not run lowering springs, they totally mess up weight transfer and make the car ride rough to boot. I'm a fan of the FMS C-springs. They lower the car slightly (I hate slammed Mustangs) but still offer the versitility of the stock springs. The stock T5 should be perfectly fine unless you abuse it. Don't power shift it, and you'll be fine. Also, with a 4.10 gear and a supercharger, your going to be cutting it very close at the big end. You might want to reconsider and throw in a 3.73 or a 3.90 instead.

  3. thanks. I dont know a whole lot about the f-cam, but I do know a few people who are running the E and they seem to like it on there S/C cars but not N/A, so maybe Ill do that. I have done a couple pocket port jobs a aluminum heads for a couple friends before and got a good 16-23 horse out of it, so I think Ill open them up a bit, and hopfully I dont screw up on my own set of heads.
  4. ok....this is what im going to run, and the car should run 12's NA....Edelbrock Manifold, AFR 165 heads, Basanni headers, Bassani O/R X, Bassani Catback, FMS 65mm Throttle Body, Pro-M 80mm MAF, and an Ed Curtis Cam(FTI).....

    ....to answer your question about the block....yes the motor itself should handle that no problem....you will be putting about 300 to the wheels with that setup and that is not block splitting power....our blocks are good to around 450-500hp....on the other hand your tranny will probably not hold hard launches with 300rwhp very long....your gonna need to replace that more than likley, the T5 just isnt the trannny that should have been put in our carsunfortunatly

    ....if you add a S/Cer to that running 5/6 psi you COULD see 11's...

    ....Paul (KillerCanary) here in the 94-95 forums is running a very similar combo to what i just stated(different brands for his exhaust products and a smaller MAF) and he is seeing 12.3's in his convertable....but he is an AMAZING driver...and it also depends on the track your running on....Dave (HairyCanary) is running a real strong car but cant crack the 12's due to a crappy track, and i think he was running 18 inch wheels too....but the power is plenty there NA to achieve your goals of a high 12 low 13 time....

    Edit: just one more thing to add...about the cam...im going to reccomend an FTI custom cam....ive seen the results of these things and ive been sold on one....they cost more but the cam is made specifically for YOUR car...not just a generic grind.....

  5. If all your looking for is high 12's.. I would just do H/C/I, 4.10's/3.73's/3.90's gears, the normal bolt ons and some drag radials. There are many choices of heads you could use,- edelbrock, trickflow, frpp, and afr's. This way you dont need to deal with the problems that come with a blower. Otherwise get the blower as well and see how deep into the 11's you can go.

    As far as intake choices. I would go with an edelbrock RPM if your going with the blower. And an edelbrock performer if you going to stay n/a - you could also use and edelbrock RPM n/a (alot of people will disagree with me, but it worked well with my combo).

    You can check out the FAQ sheet at the top of this forum and see some different 12 second combos.
  6. Driving wont be a problem, I cut consistant low.500 lights all day long in a 4600+lbs impala ss, and make people look silly in the bracket races as it is. I run at sears point(infinion) on summit events where the track is preped, so with DR's tracktion should be decent. I am selling the impala though so I can get a mustang due to the aftermarket and the cars them selfs being very cheap. The impala is a great car and fast for what it is but is far to nice and way to expensive to be beating on.
  7. The light doesnt matter when you racing against the clock. Launching a heavy azz lt1, and 3300 pound h/c/i 5.0 is gonna be totally different. Especially if its a 5 spd. It will take some getting used to, and some suspension components will help a great deal.
  8. You can deffenetly get into high 12's with just a h/c/i swap... Its all about traction though... Depending on the track you go to, it may mean the difference between 12's and 13's... Some tracks are awsome and some just suck... I am fortunate to go to a track where i can run 20-25 lbs of air in my 25.9 X 8 wide slicks and still not slip enough to where im confident that the rear end/ tranny isn't going to break...
  9. Gotta agree with yellow1995Cobra.

    The blower is not needed for your et goals.

    Don't have anything against them, its just that na combos are less complex.