13.2 @ 104.75

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  1. run made right off the interstate, 29 psi in the tires, no power shifting, no short belt, all seats in car, 1/4 tank of gas. coolant 195 degrees, no iced intake.

    8.5---1/8 @ 83.15
    13.2--1/4 @ 104.75

    other pass was a [email protected] 104.8 on a 2.01 60'

    I need to launch this thing next trip
  2. What's your race weight? I would like to know what your "dropping weight" mods netted you.

    Nice runs. If you get into the 12's with E7's, I will be seriously impressed with your car.

    What are the plans for the car. Are you gonna stick with the E7's and go crazy with suspension mods? Or get some new heads? You are running out of bolt-on's!!!
  3. race weight was 3290 with me

    Im 160s, so 3130 tonight

    weighed in at 3090 the other day with an 1/8 tank of gas and the rear seat out and no clutter like tonight. rear seat bracket..seat is still in place though

    tonight all that was done in way of reduction was front sway bar and dgg bone, seat brasket, spare jack, and I have no trunk carpet :(

    Plans? well I have plenty of time to dream as I have no money and wont until I am out of college. No more boltons, as I have everything but a fuel pump, so nothing left to do. No I am not going to do any suspension.

    Short term: I have a set of ported E7s that might go on over the holiday If I find the time and head gaskets. Then Ill probably slap a plate kit on there. ( I have a D&D pro hawk shortblock) no, the compression is not higher than stock

    Would have been nice to have a set of ET streets to run on :(

    goal for the car is 120+ traps, daily driver.
    gonan be either
    AFR 185s w/
    Blower, turbo, or 347 with a plate system.... I am not sure yet. but I have 2 years to decide
  4. God the E-cam and 1.7s must have given you a lot of power cause other than that we have almost the same mods. good run man
  5. Nice run man.. Did you ever dyno it? Those are some impressive times for that 60ft.
  6. with 1K on the motor 247/290..... but really you have to look at how much RPM you get and flat power in the upper RPMs. the car should be making more than that now for as quick as its going
  7. Pretty good run man, what kind of tires are you runnin on?
  8. pulled 2.01 on phantom ZRX tires
    and pulled 1.98 on Nitto 555rs with 29 PSI. I havent launched on them yet
  9. If you do throw the ported e7's on there, you will show the "anti-thumper" crowd what 12's are like. Definately sick.

    I really wish I had your 60ft times. :drool:

    What's your displacement with the new shortblock?
  10. What does stock E7s mean.
  11. E7s are the stock GT heads...

    Snoozer...Way to get it done...damn, i weighed in at 3650 or so...that thing is light...
  12. Congrats. I would REALLY like to see you break into the 12's with E7's. As close as you are, some DR's or some LCA's (or both?) just might do the trick.
  13. werd


    Im learning the llaunch better, but it was so slick tonight..... NEW tIMES
  14. Very nice - slicks and some slightly more aggressive driving and your in the 12s. You must have done some serious weight reduction - if you posted that I missed it.

    The Thumper knocks aren't gonna stop then though.
  15. um.... not really serious. unless front sway bar back seta and dog bone is serious ;)

    IM looking for 12s on the nittos on stock heads before I put on ported heads... and I am not going to powershift or run a short belt to get there.
  16. How does your car weigh so much less than normal 94-95 cars? Don't they normally weigh 3,400#+. Obviously I drive a Fox, but it's a heavy vert. At least 3,600# with me in it.
  17. my friends 347 GTS weighed in lighter than me that night.

    today I weighed in at 3245 with driver