13.20 @ 104 stock!!

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by lopey4.6, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. 13.20 @ 104 stock!! by Peter Espeut of Espeut Performance

    Well folks I'm back in Cleveland after being at capitol raceway this afternoon and the day was a complete success. I was there helping my brother in law prepare the car this weekend and it ran a 13.20 at 104mph with a 2.0 60ft. Were talking bone stock down to the paper air filter, on the stock 235-55-17 tires. This individual is a way above average driver and has been a past trophey stock, and Modular champion. We did do a little weight reduction to the vehicle but nothing drastic. Our goal was to get a baseline on the car before modifications. The owner still has to make up his mind on which class he's gonna run next year, but you can bet the car is going to be built to spec for whatever class he decides.

    Just click on my sig to see a couple pics of the car.

  2. sweet these cars are just amazing! :nice:
  3. We've had a lot of bogus ET claims here so it would be great if you could provide some type of proof like a timeslip or video (or both if possible). Otherwise you're going to catch hell from the forum.
  4. I understand that. The time slips are 8 hours away from me and my bro. in law is not the most comp. savy. It was witnessed by many though. I'll see what I can do.

    And by the way I've been a well respected member on here and many other boards for almost 5 years. I have no reason to BS.
  5. Understood but I thought I would give you a warning before the skeptics pounce.
  6. If thats true, then those are some awesome times, but I hope you have timeslips because its only a matter of time before people start calling bs, only because one person who claimed a 13.2 turned out to be a liar.
  7. How much and what kind of weight reduction?

    13.2 is on the lunatic fringe of what is known to be a believable et for the 05.
    So far we've had an aleged 13.35, and a false 13.2....hope this one is legit, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  8. I would say the 13.35 is a little more than alleged since he's posted a timeslip and other forum members have stated they witnessed the run.
  9. Well we removed the A/C, back seat, spare tire and jack. And the guy driving is more or less a professional driver. If someone wants to call bs no problem.
  10. Just get a time slip on here as soon as possible. Otherwise it is :bs:
  11. So about 200 lbs. of weight reduction? That's pretty believable for the ET.
  12. if this guy is so good , why only a 2.00 sixty, average drivers should be able to do that.
  13. true dat!! even the mag say's no better then mid to high 14's but then again we'll see in the proof. peace

    john :p
  14. Sweet those are amazing cars!
  15. :lol: I had work done by Pete this past summer. I asked him if he was going to get an 05 GT, he said he was going to hold out for the Cobra. Guess that didn't happen? :D

    His 03 Cobra is INSANE!!!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:

    EDIT: oooh, he's doing it for a customer. :nice: Pete is a great guy, wish I lived closer. I'd go to his shop more often to see the cool ****.
  16. I believe it. With the jack and spair gone from the back of the car, I'd imagine the 60ft times might go up a tenth of a second or two.

    And mags aren't saying this is a mid/high 14 second car. They're saying mid/high 13 second.
  17. I have not been on the board for a couple of days but the car is NOT stock with weight reduction. Do not get me wrong. This is a helluva run but I cannot accept it as a STOCK timeslip/ In my opinion, even running lower than the MFG recommended tire pressure removes it from being in the STOCK category. Just my opinion and not intended to flame. Some have other opinions about what makes a car stock.

  18. a/c is NOT minor

    and there are peopel cutting 1.8s 1.9s on stock tires... the professional driver needs some work on his launch or the track needs some more bite.

    his shifting is good of course :nice:
  19. stock air pressure?
    now that is hilarious

    i would give stock to free things being removed. lets say anything that takes 5-10 minutes to take off.

    sway bar air silencer jack and spare. seat being removed is would definitely have to be mentioned, as would A/C! or muffler removal.... anyone tried that yet?
  20. tire pressure dude?
    what about a heavier set person versus a skinny person? is that allowed? :p
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