13.20 @ 104 stock!!

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by lopey4.6, Dec 12, 2004.

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  1. Very true! :nice:

    I'm not one to do too much in they way of modifications so I'm waiting to see if there will be a special edition with more HP in '06.

  2. it has been several days lopey-bull****ter. where is the proof?!

    it doesn't matter if i have 1 post or 1000, if i think you're spewing crap i'm going to call you on it.

    everyone will be checking out the timeslips pics closely so don't think you can fool us with some photoshop tricks a$$hole.

    everyone knows you're full of it. stay off these forums if you are compelled to lie!
  3. That 1/4 mile doesn't seem like the other 05's we've seen. 2.0 sixty foot with that good of a 1/4 mile just doesn't add up.

  4. Tough crowd to please! :hail2:

    . . . and the slip please :lock:

  5. we're a tough crowd because the info he has given makes no logical sense.

    bad 60 foot time + 15mph headwind = best 1/4 mile time ever ??!!

    something doesn't compute!!!!
  6. I don't buy this time either, I've driven a 5 speed and an auto 05, no way did either of them feel capable of running those times..
  7. First off I have more posts, and have been a member for way longer than you have. So take your 130 posts and go over to Club Si.

    I have time slips of 2 13.2 rins and dyno sheets but they are too big and I can't resize them. So If anyone is willing to resize for me that would be great. I'll check back at about 6:30pm today. Thanks.
  8. [email protected]

    I'll resize them for you.
  9. actually, it probably would be good to have more then one person trying to resize them. If he sends them at 18:30, I won't be able to do anything before much later (Christmas shopping this evening), it might even go to tomorrow.

    So, anybody and everybody able and willing to resize them scans, post it here so lopey can email you. And it'll work both ways. If he's legit, then the whole thing gets cleared up faster. If he's spinning a yarn, then he'll run out of excuses...
  10. DopeyPostWhore,

    your post count is high because you have to spend a week replying to everyone who thinks you're full of it. i wouldn't be proud of the fact that you are a forum posting whore.

    stop trying to change the subject and get those timeslips NOW b1tch!

  11. you started this thread claiming 13.1. now that you were caught and slapped around by everyone, you have changed the title of this thread to 13.2.

    everything you do points to the fact that you're full of :bs: :bs: :bs:

    everyone on here has taught you an important lesson: DONT POST BS OR YOU WILL GET :owned:

    btw, we are only interested in the 13.1 timeslips. that is the time that you originally claimed therefore that is the time that you must prove.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.