Brakes 13" 2013 Mustang GT Brake swap in progress - pics and question

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  1. I had the day off today so I started bolting up 2013 Mustang GT rotors and calipers to my original drum spindles. I freshened up the drum hub with new bearings and seals, new and longer wheels studs, then bolted the calipers up using MustangSteves brackets.

    Below are pictures of the setup mounted inside a 17" Torq Thrust 2. There is plenty of clearance from the face of the caliper to the spokes on the wheel. I am going to have to push my sticky wheel weights all they way to the edge as they just touch the caliper, but this only happens on the outside edge of the wheel not the inside. With the weights moved all the way out I will have about 1/8" clearance from the outside of the caliper to the inside of the wheel. Just



    Inside caliper to wheel clearance has plenty of room even with the wheel weights:

    Outside shot of clearance of caliper to wheel, roughly a 1/8" gap:

    So the question is, is the 1/8" gap as shown above enough clearance between the caliper and wheel?


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  2. Since nothing's moving in there, I'd say any clearance is enough clearance, I've had a lot less than that on vehicles in the past. Keep posting the pics, I love seeing this!
  3. right, as long as nothing touches, you are good to go.
  4. That's what I was thinking too. I probably won't make a ton more progress for while, I need to clean and paint everything and still rebuild the other hub before actually installing it all. I will start a new thread with more photos when I get it all on.
  5. I know this is an old thread but did you get everything bolted up? I too am wanting to do the TT2s with the Mustang Steve conversion.
  6. I did, although I didn't finish it until spring of 2015, because from the last time I posted, we had a 2 kids, moved to a new state, switched jobs, and million other things that got in the way. But, I did finish this, the Cobra rear disc brakes, and SoT strut rods all at the same time. I drove it all last summer and part of the Hot Rod Power tour. Is there something specific you want to know about it?
  7. I just want to clarify that you are using the 13.2" 2012-2014 GT brakes and also would like to know what the specs are on the 17s you have.

  8. Yes I am using the 13.2" rotors available on the 2011 and up GT's. I bought the calipers and rotors as a take off set from a 2013. I used Mustang Steves brackets - which he does not advertise to work with these but they do since the difference in these vs. the early slightly smaller brakes aside from the rotor is the caliper bracket, so his brackets worked fine.

    My wheels are 17x8 American Racing Torque Thrust 2's - the 1 piece model - they have 4.75" back spacing. It is tight as you can see from the pictures and you can not fit sticky wheel weights on that part of the wheel as they will hit the caliper.

    Mounted on the car:

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  9. Awesome! Thanks for the info on the size of rims too!
  10. Great info, Thanks!

    BTW, which master cylinder are you using?
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