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  1. I really don't need that king kong antenna on the front of my car that Detroit was so nice to supply. I have seen a 13" over at Mustang Tuning .com for $27 but wondered if it was as effective as the factory skyscraper. Also, is there a better place to buy this thing without paying a pile for shipping and handling?
  2. I've got a 10" whip you can have for 10 plus shipping. Its flexible, but it works pretty well.
  3. I'm really liking the billet aluminum 13" over there at Mustang Tuning. I do appreciate the offer.
  4. I cut my original factory antennae down to about 18-18.5". It still picks up a wide range of stations with the new JVC. Im sure it depends on your HU and the signal of stations where u live. I like the shorter look, it blends in better with the roof profile. I agree, stock is so BIG!! Good luck :flag:
  5. Yeah I cut mine too, no sense paying for a free mod.
    Just take the antenna off, use the pry end of a hammer and put it against the ball at the top of the antenna (its just pressure fitted). Then with another hammer whack the pry hammer and off comes the ball. Cut to the length you want and file the end to a slight taper. Whack the ball back on and re attatch the antenna.
    Takes about 5 minutes at the most.
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  6. cut the antenna exactly in half. that way you arent screwing up the tuning THAT bad
  7. I'm running a 7" ant with no problems.
  8. bah the radio is overrated when youve got an mp3 player.. i think im gunna hack mine down tomorrow
  9. si i just cut it to how long i want it and it still fits or doi have to changs things
  10. theres a few companies that make shorter antennas, do a search "shorty antenna"
  11. Just cut it so its about even with your roof line and bolt it back on, easy stuff.
  12. I just bought a shorty one...not very expensive, and you can still keep the old one in the event you ever want to get back that lost radio reception. I lost about 25% by switching over to this one...but I like the look a lot better.


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  13. 98stangv8,,, thats a nice ride you have there!! :nice:
  14. thank you! the pic was from the nashville mustang 40th last year...
  15. This is just too cool! Submit a question, work your ass off for a week, return to find really low-budget solution. I'll be whacking that sucker tomorrow. Thanks for the info.
  16. Thats what its all about! :nice:
  17. Hey K, My car is identical to yours (before all of your deletes, etc.). I'll make sure to cut my antenna at a different length as well! Good thing I'm half-way up the Gulf from you, huh. Those are some badass wheels we got there from the factory too. I think they are the best that Ford offers. I'm real pleased that they put 'em on a GT. Thanks again for the info. The hacksaw is fixin' to get warmed up!!!
  18. Just hacked mine yesterday .. can't even tell its not factory, I went 15" since I wasn't sure about the reception but it looks a lot nicer and I still have perfect reception.. I'd REALLY like to go 8" but then I'm quite sure it'd kill any reception at all..

    when I get this beast painted in the distant future I'll have it shaved and do a hidden one

    just dont rush putting the ball tip back on.. i could pop it back on so i super glued it? :shrug:
  19. I whacked and hacked it to about 18. I think I'm gonna knock it down another inch or two. No change in reception at all...so far. That dadgum little ball is somewhere in the corner of my garage now. Good excuse to sweep!
  20. 98stangv8, sweet car :nice: about how tall is it now? I'll probably order the 8" from mustangtuning in a week or so when I get my bumper inserts, saves on shipping ;)