13" Antenna

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by USMstang, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. I have one of those APC "billet" antennas on my Turbo Coupe, it's right about the same height as the roof which looks better than the stocker. It has a nice polished aluminum base and tip and was cheap, unfortunately the mast itself is still steel so it will rust, but a little chrome polish will take that right off. (I actually ended up just painting the mast black on mine, it looks pretty good like that). Nice thing about the APC antennas is they look cooler than a hacked down stocker and they're cheap.

  2. it is aboiut 10" maybe? I can't get to my car now to measure it..but I like the height...I lost a little reception..but not a ton...when the stations fade now, it is just a little earlier than before when driving....
  3. i usually listen to cd's, so i cut mine down to 18" today, and reception is just as good as before