13" Cobra Brake kit

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  1. I have a Mustang Steve Cobra brake kit for 65-70 mustangs with drum spindles and hubs. The kit comes with everything required to do the swap. The Calipers are Red not gray, and it does have drilled and slotted rotors. Never used, just mocked up on one side of the car. Email me for pictures, or with any questions. 650 obo.

  2. What sized wheel do you have to run with these?
  3. At least a 17" wheel.
  4. you have a picure of the kit? Very interested. It will work with front 68 drum spindle correct?
  6. Looking at the pictures it doesn't seem like it would work with a 68 front drum spindle.
  7. I had mounted the one side on a 70 big baring spindle and the fit, I ran into an issue with caliper clearance on my Torque Thrusts II's. I sure as hell wasnt going to shave anything of these calipers. What type of wheels are you running?

  8. brakes

    Hey you have PM and email...
  9. are these officially gone?
  10. they are designed to work with 65-68 drum spindles and hubs, just so you know
  11. Gone? Still available?
  12. Question??

    I've got a 67 coupe with 17 bullets do you think that would work??:SNSign:
  13. They should, according to the website it fits 65-70
  14. Ok the brake kit is offically sold, thanks for looking and good luck with your cars.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.