13 gallons of paint thinner in my gas tank.. peoples reactons?? LOL

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  1. thats right.... i put 13 gallons of paint thinner in my car the other day..... all in medal 1 gallon cans at the gas station.... numerous people asked me what i was pouring into my car and instead of saying toluene or xylene, i told them paint thinner...... peoples mouth would drop and say WHATTT????? WTF??? WHYYY?!?!?!?.......

    My car is mostly stock now and theres no real reason i need it.... it runs alot better i must say, but not enough to make the price worth it.. i used to use this alot on my old blown fox that had detonaton issues..... but i must admit... this old school trick is much cheaper then race gas for the SAME result...... 6.36 a gallon for toluene (114 octane) or xylene (117 octane).. or to make a 100 octane mixture of toluene and gas, its 4.20 a gallon... not to badddd....... i just hope people dont mistake my bland responce and get ANY paint thinner and start dumping acetone or any other alcohol paint thinner thatll eat the plastic and rubber parts........... i should of read more before i attempted this, but i read its completely safe because toluene is in fact gas, and wont harm anything, however supposibly its a bit tougher to ignite when its cold using JUST toluene, causing the car to be hard to start .. but ive never had a problem and ve used straight toluene...... but im not gonna do this much because its a bit expensive and like i said.. i dont need ittt...... im deff gonna use a gallon or 2 here and there to jack up the octane......

    just figured ide sharre because i find this funny seeing peoples reactions
  2. Should have charged a body shop to save your fumes... =) I used to do it also.
  3. I have to say, you are the KING of run-on sentences.
  4. umm there is one run on sentence on my whole post.... i dont think one run on deserves king status lol.. there are quite a few fragments
  5. Hey Joe I think I figured it out. Does your spacebar not work more than once in a row, and to help space things out you use a lot of periods? :rlaugh:
  6. the irony of this blows me away :rlaugh:

    not to be a grammar nazi and derail this thread but ... does not end a sentence! :nice:

    anywho, why exactly are you feeling the need for higher octane fuel?
  7. Give him a break! He may have just came in and typed this post after inhaling all those fumes.

  8. $6.36 a gallon for toluene? Wtf? Where??? I only bought that stuff once or so, and it costs just as much as a gallon on denatured alcohol and laquer thinner. $11 - $13 a gallon. Like to know where you're getting that stuff for way cheap.

    I experimented with different chemicals in the gas tank for awhile. Did this a couple years ago. There is no benefit to putting higher octane fuel in your engine if it wasn't built for it. Uness your compression is higher, or it pings a ot on reguar, you're wasting $$ and not getting any more juice out of it. You could plunk down 135 octane airplane gas into your tank on your stock 5.0. You won't see much of a benefit than if you were to run 94 octane. Bout the ony thing you might notice is that your exhaust wont stink half as much.. lol.
  9. Whoa whoa I did not know that you can add paint thinner to the gas. Can some one explain exactly why you would do this?
  10. Reminds me of a time waay back in the 80s when I ran out of gas on the beachfront here in Biloxi. I open the trunk and all I have is a gallon of Coleman lantern fuel (white gas they call it). I dumped it in my old Skylark and jumped in. Man she ran like a scalded dog... Some told me later I was lucky I didn't blow a hole in a piston.
  11. Did you eat paint chips as a child?
  12. Why the hell are you putting it in your stock-engine car? These cars don't even need 93, much less 117 octane. Are you really telling me you just spent more than $80 to fill your tank with stuff you don't need?
  13. For anybody interested:

  14. Someone told me when I first started with cars as a kid that if I sprayed a little water in the intake while the car was running I could steam clean the engine from the inside.
    When something seems wrong it usually is.

    (oh never did it, because even as a noob it seemed f**ked up)
  15. He probably calls it paint thinner because Toluene can be used to dilute oil or urethane based paints. I HIGHLY doubt he used actual paint thinner. Regular paint thinner is more like mineral spirits, which mostlys contains kerosene. And you would be pretty stupid to add THAT much kerosene to your tank. It would be like tossing diesel fuel down there..almost as bad. It wouldn't even run, but if it did, you probably never get it to shut off because the engine would continue to diesel and smoke like there's a major wildfire goin on.

    Gasoline does contain toluene, about 37% worth. But then again, gas has at least 100 other chemicals added as well. Naptha, Toluene and Ethanol have the highest percentages. As for n-Heptane, don't even think about dumping that stuff in your tank. That stuff has a ****ty octane rating and burns uncontrollably. It'll make your engine ping a lot. I don't even think you can buy it by the gallon anywhere. Not that I'm aware of. I used to get a couple gallons of that from work, out of the big 55 gallon drums they have. It's used as brake parts cleaner. Think they got it from Zep.

    Just use regular unleaded gasoline. Works very well, duh..cause thats what it was built for.
  16. this is almost as good as the guy that put 100 lbs of grease under his car to prevent rust

  17. that thread was awesome
  18. Did a little more research. First, what I want to know is exactly what kind of thinner or brand name that you put in your tank? I found there is no way he used Toluene or even denatured alcohol or even laquer thinner. All of that stuff retails on average of $11 - $15 a gallon. No place sells it for THAT cheap. So, he must have used some form of actual paint thinner. A product labeled "Paint Thinner" . Those retail as low as $5 to as high as $20 a gallon. I found plenty around the $6 range. Klean-Strip Paint thinner, 3 active ingridients. Stoddard Solvent (about 95%) , a form of ethylbenzyne (5% about) and misc petroleum compounds. Stoddard solvent? Isn't that like white kerosene?

    Did you blow up your engine yet? Sorry, but if you got your chemicals confused, well, pays to do a little research first. Thats why I want to know the brand name and actual product you bought.
  19. There's so much fail in this thread that I don't even know where to begin.
  20. no i didnt blow my engine up and yes i know what i dump in my gas tank.. especially when the can says TOLUENE in monster sized letters going across it....... and yes it is 6.36 a gallon..... 350 dollars a drum divided by 55 comes out to 6.36 a gallon doesnt it???? you are right though.. IF YOU buy it by the gallon , it is 15 bucks..... just because i paid 6.36 a gallon for it, doesnt mean that i am dumping something ELSE into my tank. I told everyone im running a paint thinner SPECIFICALLY toluene. I didnt go to a store and find the cheapest paint thinner and put that in my tank. I simply bought toluene because its toluene, which is what i wanted to dump in my tankk.. you made it out to sound like im some moron who went into a hardware store and found the cheapest pain t thinner not caring about whats in it. it said toluene on the can and that is what i bought.... the reason i bought a drum is because i have a few friends, one with a turbo fox.. and the other with an evo who require high octanne...... i put it in my car one time just to see how it would effect it, which it did make it run quite better, not enough to constantly run it, because i dont need it..... and for eveyone else questioning why i did it and for what reason, and i dont need it, read my first post.... it was a one time thing. Maybe when i do my blower setup, ill resort to it, but i dont need to run straight toluene like i did, because there is no benefit.... some people gotta easeeeeeee off... i put it in my car because i wanted to... the reason is as simple as that... it does run alot smoother then 92 and maybe eventually i will use more......

    i had a few cans laying around the house which is what i first put in my car.... and i am calling it paint thinner because right under it says TOLUENE in big letters, it says, disolves paint, grease, grime etc etc etc, which is why i called it a paint thinner....

    and here is where i bought it that cheap.. http://nelsonpaint.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=T14-DR&Category_Code=SOL

    im glad you find that funny, even considering that there is no relation in situations by a longshot!!! 100 lbs of grease wont make the car run any different then little grease...... more octane did make a difference.... it sure as hell didnt add 1200 hp, but it made it run aloooottt smoother.. nice try tho

    adding higher octane lets you run more timing... more timing equals more power..... but like i said, for the price its not even worth it.... i wanted to see how the car would run and it ran greaT!