13 gallons of paint thinner in my gas tank.. peoples reactons?? LOL

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  1. I still think the grease thing will catch on eventually
  2. Was that you?
  3. Haha hell no

  4. This dosent steam clean the engine. It will remove carbon build up on valves etc. It is an old school trick that works. You just dribble it into the carb a little at a time on carbed cars.
  5. That sounds like something a redneck would do. :rlaugh: Yeeehaww.. giter done heheh. Whoever that was that heard that was probably the guy who pulled a "cheech n Chong" and stuffed weed down into the carb and tried smoking out the tailpipe .. :lol:
  6. I just picked up a Keg of grease today, I am starting my rustproofing on the bottom of my car tommorrow :rlaugh:
  7. Interesting.

    I spray painted my seats because they were fading. Every time I would drive the car and get back out...they would be all faded again. :scratch:
  8. +2 :D

    this is like 2005 all over again.
  9. no to run straight e-85 you need 33% more fuel, i compensate mine with a little richer tune, the inside of my fuel rail is spotless, and nothing has "ate" through, been doing this for about a year, but only maybe 4 gallons with a full tank.