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  1. Hi all,

    Just noticed this morning (stupid me for not catching it during my walk-around) but my Brembo package GT did not come with the Pirelli P-Zero tires. It has some Goodyear Eagle tires on there. I just called up my dealer and he said that the Brembo package comes with special summer tires (traction, thick wall, etc) but not necessarily specific to the Pirelli P-Zeros like I anticipated.

    Anyone come across something similar?
  2. All the documentation that I have read indicate the Brembo package comes with Pirelli. Sounds weird to me.
  3. First time I have ever heard that. I think you need to call Ford Cust service.
  4. I'd press the issue; if the documentation says they come with "Pirelli" then that's what they should be; if it says "Pirelli or similar" then they can probably get away with changing them.

    If you got the Goodyears like mine, I'd definitely be raising hell to get different tires. Not at all happy with them. NO traction from the hole.
  5. I stand corrected.

    Straight from Ford's 2013 Mustang brochure:

    If you build and price, the details show the same information regarding the Brembo package:

    Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 10.02.55 PM.png

    And according to the build and price, the details show the same thing for the Track Package on manuals:

    Screen Shot 2012-10-10 at 10.05.52 PM.png

    I was wrong. I could have sworn that they do come with Pirelli P-Zeros, but it is only the Boss 302 that comes with those as specifically stated in the brochure.

    For what it is worth, I did see that the GT500 comes standard with the Goodyears.
  6. That's what I noticed as well, Import. I'm just confused that this hasn't been brought up. Am I the only one that didn't get the pzero tires? Maybe the Pirellis are only available on the stick (I got the auto)?
  7. All of the aforementioned documentation quotes were for manual. The brochure shows it is only the Boss that will come equipped with Pirellis.

    I would imagine some dealers could slap Pirellis on there based on their inventory to meet the "summer tire" equivalent while others might not.

    That said, I'm really surprised. I could have sworn it was Pirelli rubber standard on Brembo and Track Pack setups, and I want to say that the website must have been changed recently, brochure and all. Perhaps it was an introductory incentive of sorts that has now been retired? Weird.
  8. Hey folks,

    All of the documentation I can see points to Boss 302 coming with Pirellis and summer-compound performance tires coming with the Brembo Brake Package, just as ximportdriver points out. I'm reaching out to my technical contact, though, to see if Pirellis were ever included in the Brembo package in the past.

    As always, feel free to reach out to me via PM if you have any questions/concerns.

  9. Looks like I was right about the auto trans. Brembo autos and verts come with the Goodyears. manual trans comes with the Pirellis. I have no idea what the reason for the discrepancy is.
  10. Shabz I did some research and came up with the almost the same thing as you. I found that Convertibles come with the Goodyears F1 Supercars and Coupes come with the P-Zeros . But didn't find anything that indicates different tires for auto vs manual. I can understand Ford putting different tires on convertibles due to them having a less rigid structure. Maybe for instance the F1s have a more complainant side wall. But I don't see any reason to have different tires based on the transmission choice.
    I surprised no one mentioned that here before . Its been like this all along.
  11. On my 2013 Brembo car (manual), I had P-Zeros. Took them off 2 days after owing the car. I would have much rather had the Goodyear tires.
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  12. The auto vs manual trans part is what I got from our FoMoCo rep Crystal after she checked with her brand manager.
  13. Wow. The P-Zeros must be really bad. Pretty much everyone running a GT 500 is ready to give Goodyears away (including me). Tire of choice in that crowd seems to be the Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Might be worth looking into if any of you are looking at swapping what came on your car...
  14. That's actually news twice over for me. Apparantly, they made some changes to how the cars are package since I got mine, including who their tire supplier is. In 2011, when I got mine, the Brembo package and an automatic were not available together (Brembos then were only available with the manual trans).

    I wouldn't worry too much about the Goodyears. Given their reputation, they'll need to be replaced in no time, so you'll be able to get something else. :rolleyes:
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  15. When I had my 2012 gt brembo package manual it came with the P-zeros
  16. Mine came with P-zeros. After 24k miles, I'm almost due up for new tires. I will NOT be getting P-zeroes again.
  17. My '11 GT w/Brembo's came with Pirrelli P-Zero summer tires. They are great tires for cornering. The soft compound tires don't last very long(18K miles) and I drive my car daily & like a sane person 95% of the time. Since my car is my daily driver, I had to replace them with all-season tires that would last longer.
  18. My 05 GT came with the Pirelli tires and they held up well. Decent grip and good mileage. My 11' GT500 came with the Goodyear F1 G2s and they were brick bat hard in the late fall cool air temps. I put some Michelin's on and ran them. They seemed a bit better to me.

    With the new GT/CS it is back to Pirelli for me. I like them.

    Some past pics.


    The Michelins I put on to try.


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