130 Amp Alternator 3G POLISHED 87-93 94/95 SN95

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  1. ***If the below link doesn't work for you, you can find it on Ebay.com item#320568054089***

    I have here a few polished alternators that I hand polished and rebuilt. What you see is carefully detailed polishing work that will get attention at the car show and a skillfully rebuilt alternator from someone who has been in the auto electric business for quite some time. I guarantee them as long as you own your car so you'll rest assured that this will be the last alternator you'll buy.

    These are alternators that I purchase used and rebuild them with all the necessary electronics/hardware to make them function like new.

    The cost of each one is $99.00 plus shipping. You can buy from me here or on Ebay.

    They are listed on Ebay here :


    If you have any questions at all please email me: [email protected]
  2. :shrug:
  3. For some reason the link is getting blocked from here. I checked the link and it works if you cut and paste it into the browser and it works from any other location as well. Any ideas?
  4. Probably something in the code that's screwing with our sensors. I guess they'll just have to cut and past the auction number in the Ebay search prompt. :shrug:
  5. Yes, I was thinking along those lines myself. Like some way for Ebay to keep track of which sites they're getting hits from. I appreciate you looking into it for me (and maybe others!).
  6. Payment sent! thanks
  7. I appreciate that!

    Everyone better get them while their this price, I will soon have to go back up to my normal price due to higher supply costs and such, so don't miss out!! :nice:
  8. bump for new listing, first post edited for new ad
  9. PM box is full, wondering if you shipped yet.
  10. Email returned, sorry about that
  11. Hey there was wondering if u still had them for the same prices and how much it would cost shiped to 78583
  12. I need a 3g 130amp+ alternator to swap onto my 66' (351w... alternator is passenger side, p/s pump driver... if it matters). I don't need it polished. Do you have anything for me? (and shipping to 91344)
  13. It's been 5 months since I paid this guy and still no 3G alt/kit. Also does not respond to PM's.
  14. Interested PM me.
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