$130 for a cd player install

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  1. Does anyone have a good link or advice on how to install a new head unit in a 99 mustang w/ the mack 460 player. I took it too circuit city just to save some time and it was $50 for the install but as I had a mach 460 he said they needed to "bypass" the amp?? which was another $80.
    I have heard people talk about a harness from crutchfield or metra, is anyone of them better than the other?
    I dont know much about stereo install but I am not paying that much for a simple install.
  2. Do you own the head unit yet? If not, then just buy it through crutchfield because they will walk you through the whole install step by step. They are awesome over there... But if you pay $130 for a head unit install you are getting taken bigtime.
  3. yeah, I already own the head unit.
  4. 130 is rape to install a headunit. It takes about 30 minutes tops.
  5. You all are missing the whole point. It isnt the CD player that is the "hard part". Depending on how they will "bypass" the mach 460amp is the key here. Either way that is about right for the price. I love how all of you are so cheap.
  6. I found this on another website, if it is right is does'nt sound to hard

    "if you remove the head unit and look into the cavity behind the radio on the right hand side, you should see a Ford FD-02 type factory radio connector clipped to the side of the console. buy yourself a compatible wiring harness and plug your deck into this input, which bypasses the factory amplifier system."

    as far as I can tell this is the harness
  7. Try that first man....its only 12 bucks if its wrong...that sure beats $130!
  8. i now have a new problem, the Metra rep sent me an email that said I need a 70-5510 harness for my exact car, every other place says I need a 70-5511. I emailed him asking if he made a mistake and he said no.

    This site seems to have everything needed for the install. I will let you know if it works
  9. "I love how all of you are so cheap". - MerkurNut

  10. The 5511 harness is not meant for the amplified system. The 5510 may be what we call an "add-a-head" harness at work(never checked the model number). With that one the factory amps will work and your volume will be high even at low levels on the radio. If you unplug the amps inside the radio housing like you said, you will probably need a 1770 harness and it will bypass the amps.

    My suggestion - get the 1770 and bypass the amps.

    Edit - Some installers don't like to mess with amplified systems. The 2 other guys I work with usually charge $65 to install into a Mach Mustang. If I'm available, they let me do it for the normal $40.

    I'm not sure where they are getting $190 at because the basic install is $40 and a "hardwire" is $25. 1 hardwire per amp = $100 + basic install = $140. Unless they are charging you for a 4 speaker installation as well which would be another $75....something doesn't add up there. I would suggest talking to the S&I manager at that Circuit City and not bothering with the sales staff or the installers.
  11. thanks alot for your help