$130 Plastic Elbow! Pics.

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  1. So, I went to ford looking for the plastic elbow that connects from the valve cover to that hose you see in the picture and they said that it cannot be purchased alone and that I will have to pay $130 for a complete valve cover assembly. Can anyone give me some info on this piece. I'm thinking it's something i need to get fixed as the valve cover, as it is, has an open hole in it. If anybody has this part, it would be greatly appreciated if I could purchase it from you. Also, can sombody post a picture of what it looks like. Thanks!


  2. go to a junk yard.
  3. junk yards kick ass!!!!

    i like to walk around and look at all the old cars
  4. Here's a pic

    taken after my intake crossover cracked.:mad: :mad: :mad:

    i'm guessing it's the same as the newer mustangs

    Also try mpsautosalvage.com

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  5. ha, that's a motorcraft part on my car, i think there's even a number on it. Sound like they are talking a bunch of BS.
  6. I might have mine off of the 2 valve I took out. let me look ... brb
  7. I didnt see it with a quick look, but in the morning I will dig through the totes I have full of parts and get back with ya.

    you should be able to pick that up at a junkyard cheap though.
  8. I'll admit it, when i tried to check the PCV valve on my car thats the first thing i tried to rip off. Luckily i didn't do any damage.:nonono:
  9. It is a vent, PCV is on the other side.
  10. I am so f'n sick of that "only sold as part of a larger and more expensive assembly" CRAP :mad:
  11. here

    Call Steve at 1-800-328-9552. It's a large Ford dealership and he is a very cool guy. I have bought probably $1000 in parts from him over the years. He won't BS you and sells all Ford parts at just 10% over cost. Lots of us at Svtperformance order from him.

    Give him a call, he will hook you up. :nice:
  12. Awesome. Thanks alot for the pics and the help. I actually went to a junkyard yesterday and managed to yank 4 of these little elbows off of some old 4.6 thunderbirds...I always knew those cars would be good for something :) Oh yeah, and I saw one that said "Thunderbird SC" on the bumper. Did they make a supercharged model?
  13. They did. There was even a Cougar version, and they both came in 5 speeds. I have one, actually. Little Eaton M-90s, good for 15 pounds with small mods. Tanks of cars, though.
  14. Absolutely, they are fairly quick I raced one last fall and lost...
  15. In your defense, you were relatively new to your Cobra at the time. Those birds have no problem hooking up, with all of that weight.