SOLD 130a 3g Alternator (used)

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by 87MustangGT, Dec 30, 2013.

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  1. I installed this reman'd 130 amp 3G alternator about 25k miles ago. While doing some other work in the engine compartment this summer, I decided to upgrade to a bigger unit...which didn't require a core charge, so I still have this one. Getting another remanufactured one from Auto Zone, etc, would be >$150 I believe. $75obo + actual shipping costs.

  2. Is this still available? Is there any kind of warranty on it since you got it from AutoZone?
  3. Yes, it's still available! I can't remember whether it was from AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts, but there should be a "limited lifetime warranty" from either store. I can try to find the receipt if you'd like.
  4. That would be great if you could find it. Is the warranty transferable? Are you including any installation hardware such as 4 Gauge cables? Looking at LMR its $60 just for the 4 Gauge wire. Not including the regulator and connectors.
  5. I cannot find the receipt...sorry. If it has a warranty and something were to go wrong with the alternator, you could just give them my phone number for the swap. I am not including any wiring, as that is all still in my car. I'm fairly certain I didn't purchase a wiring kit when I installed this though; you can very easily purchase a length of 4ga wire from an electronics store and solder on terminals yourself, for a fraction of the cost ;)
  6. Would you take $65 plus shipping? That makes a lot of sense but I still need to find a good place to get all the connectors to upgrade. I don't want my stock ones melting lol

    Can you see how much shipping would be to ZIP 25427 in West Virginia
  7. Yes, that's fine. Shoot me your zip and i'll get you a shipping quote.
  8. I included it in the previous post but in case my edit can't be seen its:
    25427 - West Virginia
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