1320 times,you judge

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by sea ya, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. sunday in hattisburg starting @ 540 pm i ran
    13.52 @ 104.3 60' 2.10
    13.58 @ 103.8 2.15
    13.64 @ 103.2 2.17
    i have a tci sf converter beening rebuilt "2800",but what else
    would you change if this was your kar,in sig,rear tires
    are 4 yr old bfg street tires
  2. Judging by those 60' times, I'd start with a set of tires.
  3. so sorry bout that,,i dont need tires with this converter,
    when i get my tci back i have mt et 26x10.5 in shed...
    i jus dont know if theres som-tin else to change,
    i also plan on re-tarding the E 4* i peak @
    5100 hold til 54-5500 then falls hard...
  4. if your running stock 19lbers they should be fine, but maybe a upgrade to 24's, more timing, possibly a better tune...not sure why its falling on its face...my car is basically stock and it will pull straight to the rev limiter at 6250...why? I dont know...but it does, and I have friedns who witnessed it...wierd but it does haha...but back to your car... the tc should help out a bit and drop some time, maybe ur valve springs are bad, are you getting vlave float?
  5. :doh: I just seen you do have 24's LOL...yeah check on the converter and possibly a better tune
  6. yah i have 24's i think i'll do good with tci conv.
    i jus don't think i've got e-nuf gears for aod,these gears were
    picked to work with 5 spd i had, yes i miss it...
  7. What is your timing set at?
    What is your fuel pressure set at?
    Have you adjusted either of these?

  8. What... looking at the 60 foot ...YOU DO NEED Tires!! and then getting them to hook up!! If you just knock that 60 foot to a 1.80, you WILL be a 12 sec car!! as you stand now, do the tune and keep the bad traction, and you'll have fun, but not ET!! and it IS E>T> that wins in a two car race!! Work on the hook!!

    Just me...........................

  9. 104 mph would put you in the 12s with a very low 1.8 or 1.7 60'. If you are spinning get tires...

    Also the mph looks low for the mods. That might be the AOD sucking it up, but it should trap much higher.
  10. ok thanks 4 all the advice...Sea Ya
  11. I would say you have drivetrain or traction problems. I cut 1.90s on street tires and 1.78-1.80s on slicks. Also run 12.60s with good weather with untouched E7TEs and bolt ons. You have some issues. Your mph and et are slow for what u have done. What do you shift at?
  12. I think you said your wanted to retard the e cam 4 deg?? dont bother, the e cam does not come with any adv built in, it is ground straight up or zero deg. most cams come with 4 deg adv built in and thats where the performance is, so if anything you need to adv it 4 deg. personally get rid of the e303, get a small compcams extreme energy in that, that'll make a bunch more power, especially with the aod. also your base timing should be up around 16-18 deg.
  13. yeah i say trash that alphabet cam