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  1. I have a 66 coup with 14" style steel wheels with 195/70/R14 tires. It is at stock height with stock suspension. I dont want to alter anything or roll fenders but want 15" torque thrust Ds. How can I avoid rubbing issues in the front? Would a 15X7 with a 3 and 3/4 inch back space and a 205/60/15 be ok. .

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  3. 4.250 backspace is recommended around that size.
  4. Thanx 65Ccode i read the article. The factory 14" style steel wheel has a 3 3/4 " backspace. With the suspension under load, with new shocks and coils, there is aprx. 1" clearance between the tire sidewall and the upper control arm. With that in mind wouldn't the 4.250 backspace bring the sidewall closer to and make contact with the side upper control arm.
  5. Oh yea 65Ccode as far as being stuck between 14" red lines and styled steel or mag 500 and 15's why not both? Once I get my torque thrust D's, Ill sell u my 14 " styled steel at a good price original FoMoCo.

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  6. I am looking for advice on the same subject.....
    Looking to upgrade from 185/70R14's to 15" Torq Thrust D's.
    I have done a lot of research and measurements.
    At the front with 15 x 7 Torq. Thrust D's, -6 mm offset, I favor the 205/60R15 tire. This gives me about .5 inch clearance between the inner tire wall and the upper control arm. Anything less than this, I think is asking for trouble. So personally I am shying away from a wider tire at the front with this set up.
    At the back I am looking at 225/60R15 with either a 15 x 7, -6mm offset, Torq Thrust D wheel or a 15 x 8, 0 mm offset wheel. I like the staggered tire size look and am OK with a little rake on the stance.
    I am still researching and doing measurements before I purchase.
    My advice is, do your own thinking and measurements, just because someone says a certain tire will fit, does not necessarily mean it will with your wheel choice. Offset is so important.
    Hope this helps. I'd be interested in your thoughts or those of any other members.