140mph on the dash??????????

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  1. i take it its going to be governed to a certain point i take it??? guess they will have to get a chip to make it go any faster.
  2. glad i bought my 2003 with no governor that i know of well it has a rev limiter but no governor.
  3. I think they said its going to be limited to 150 mph or so.
  4. Does it really need to go any faster than 140 mph?
  5. lol yeah... you definitely need to drive your car 150 on a daily basis...
  6. I thought they had a speed limiter built into the computer, set to the speed rating of the tires??? :shrug:
  7. The governor kicks in at 143mph thanks to the ****ty all season tires they are putting on it. I think it would hit 150 without it, which brings up the question... Why the hell is Ford downgrading the tires from the 04 to the 05? Curent car has a 245 width and 45 series sidewall, 05 GT is 235/55 and all season, definitely not a sporty tire. I just hope it just doesn't detract from the cars handling ability with the new chassis and suspension. Because then the magazines will say they are right about Ford making a mistake in leaving the solid axle in the car. They should at least keep the tires equal to the 04 GT!! :nonono:
  8. Those tires most definetly are crappy. I saw the car at the Knots show and they look funny. Ford does it to piss us off. Good example: fox 4 lug rotors...WHY?? So you can take them off and put what they should of put on to begin with? I would not trust those wimpy 235/55s to go even 100. Just imagine the gain in performance by moving up to something like a 40/18 on that car.
  9. I think you are being a little overly dramatic. Yeah Ford builds the mustang to piss us off. HUH? Alright first off. I think the last thing Ford is trying to do is piss off mustang buyers. At least it seems it would make good business sense to keep customers happy. But what do I know. Now why they went with that particular size tire. I don't know. As for the fox 4 lug rotors. Why do you need (not want) to change them?
  10. To save money and weight. The basic car was designed during the begining of the Cafe/emissions/oil crisis era. 4 less bolts on 100,000 Mustangs saves money and weight and adds to a larger picture to help them meet the Cafe requirments of the day. Besides how many 4 bolt Mustangs sheared of the lug nuts? How many 4 lug Mustangs ran into the 12's, 11's and even 10's on 4 lug axles? Plenty. 4 lug is plenty strong. But it is mostly an asthetic's thing to many people, so back to 5 lug setup in 1994.
  11. As a former 4 lug owner I can tell you it was much more frustrating to try to find 4 lug rims for those piles. :mad: I never did get different rims because of the limit to what you could buy. And I never got around to the 5 lug conversion. I just traded the b1tch in. :nice:
  12. I think that Ford is trying to save money by putting on less expensive tires. Saving a few bucks on every mustang goes a long ways, and Ford has said they only want the MSRP to go up the standard inflation amount. Maybe it is just a way to keep the price tag down, and if you don't like the tires you could always change them.
  13. Has anyone looked at the pics someone posted on a SVT site? They's a link in another thread. The front wheel/tire combo looks to be VERY close to the strut. Larger front tires may not be much of an option on the new Mustang. Bummer.
  14. According to the Mustang engineer I talked to at the MCA 40th, the tire choice (which does affect the top speed setting) was done to permit the Mustang GT to be driven year-round, particularly in less-than-ideal traction situations (rain, snow). This cuts owner expenses, as you don't have to get 2 sets of wheels and tires to make it through winter. The tire was designed in conjunction with Pirelli specifically for the Mustang. Also, the taller sidewall helps to reduce the gap between the fenderwell and the outer diameter, taking care of the 4x4 look.

    While it would be great to have maximum summer performance rubber with a shorter sidewall, the handling dynamics of the new chassis and cost considerations probably make it unnecessary.

    By the way, at the 40th, they were running one of the GT engineering prototypes during the open track on those tires. The car did not appear to have any handling problems at speeds of over 100mph.
  15. as long as mine does at least a 13.8 stock.. i could care less what the speedo says.. .haha
  16. 140MPH speedo? uhhh...?

    :doh: i was thinkin before i seen the pics of the speedo in the new stang that it would get higher to like 160MPH. but it seems like that fords paying a small tribute to the 87-93 stangs with that 140MPH speedo. its the only things that im not big on about the new stang :shrug:

  17. Why shouldn't we be able to put larger tires in the front? They did put some 9.5'' wheels on the GT-R model, witch is the same suspension only reinforced. If they did it, we can do it !!
  18. You people crack me up. :rlaugh: Y'all complaining about a 140mph speedometer that most won't even attempt to reach. Thank God you people don't have Saleens that have 200mph speedometers. Yeah, like a Saleen S-281 will EVER go 200mph. :D Be happy you can change the color of the speedometer to whatever you like. I've hit 150mph in my '02 GT twice in 2 years. Both times to prove a point to people. I was on Alligator Alley going to Miami and no one was in front or behind me and my passenger agreed to going that speed for a split second. I got in the center of the road and once I reached 150 I shut her back down to 85. Other than that, I think I went over 100mph less than 10 times in 2 years. Yes, the GT can go 150, but I don't recommend going that speed...........too often. :D
  19. I guess those tires are good for Ford to save money, because realistically how many people are going to change to high performance tires? Probably not even close to half, as I see many, many late model Mustangs that are stock around here.

  20. I don't think that the 05 max speed is 140 mph, it's probably blocked there. You will probably have to fix it by computer and there you go. The needle of your speedometer will be hiding behind the dash.