$15,000 Street vs. Strip Mustang Giveaway


Admin Dude
Nov 29, 1999
Auburn, AL
Always seeking to up the ante for awesome pony car builds and giveaways, AmericanMuscle has announced a new Mustang contest in April 2018. Fresh off the heels of a 2018 Spec 3 RTR Mustang giveaway, the Pennsylvania-based performance auto parts company has opened weekly entries for a “Street vs. Strip” themed battle. Partnering with Rovos Wheels and C&L Performance, AmericanMuscle will award two purpose-built Grand-prize packages to two individual winners with the respective street and drag strip themes valued at $15,000 each (+$5k in transport and incidentals).


The team at AmericanMuscle has had their collective fingers on the pulse of the Mustang aftermarket for a long time. With the 10th Anniversary of the annual AmericanMuscle Mustang Show just around the corner on June 6th at Maple Grove Raceway; this giveaway taps into the decade plus of consumer feedback and knowledge that has been built on and off the street. With that industry expertise, AmericanMuscle has partnered with the great product innovators at Rovos and C&L to come up with the following packages:

  • Two Grand Prize winners will receive $15,000.00 each in parts from americanmuscle.com (+$5k in transport and incidentals).
  • The “Street” package is built by Rovos Wheels with $15k in suspension, wheels & tires, exhaust, drivetrain, engine/performance, lighting, exterior styling, and interior styling mods.
  • The “Strip” package is built by C&L with $15k in forced induction, wheels & tires, exhaust, drivetrain, and suspension mods.

Eligible applicants can visit the giveaway page on AmericanMuscle right now until August 9th and enter for their chance to win on a weekly basis. All the contest rules and details can also be found on the website. The dedicated entry page is https://www.americanmuscle.com/mustang-street-strip-mega-sweepstakes.html.
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