15% Off All Performance Brake Pads - February 2008 Forum Only Special

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  1. This month's forum member specials are in, and they are hotter then hot hot hot...I mean they would have to be considering how freaking cold it is outside right now! These deals are good from February 1st through February 28th...er make that the 29th...stupid leap year haha! So grab some wintery hotness for your Mustang before it is too late!

    15% Off All Performance Brake Pads

    Whats the point of going fast if you can't stop? I mean, I like walls as much as the next guy, but they can also feel pretty crappy when close encountered. So select from our wide variety of High Performance Brake Pads and pop in the code for a tasty 15% off!


    Discount Code valid on all brake pads.

    Discount Code: fcfeb08abp15off

    Important Legal Mumbo Jumbo: All prices subject to change. All sales and sales pricing subject to availability. All prices are good only while supplies last. Only one coupon code can be applied per order. Coupon prices are only valid when coupon code is entered during the checkout process. Reduced prices will be seen during the checkout process after a coupon code is entered. Thank you for reading all of our tiny legal text.
  2. Bump - Last Week Of Sale!
  3. march specials?
  4. :shrug: my birthday is monday, and i dont know where to send the wife to spend money! :bang:
  5. According to what he said on another forum, forum specials didn't bring in enough business to justify it.

    Personally, I find it a bit odd that someone can't sit down for 10 minutes and figure out 3 things to sell a little cheaper. More business is more business. Whether it's 2 people or 30 or 100. Just my personal feelings on it.
  6. well, i dont need brake pads, and the other parts that were on special dont fit S197s. therefore, i didnt make a purchase. :shrug:
  7. The decision had nothing to do with waisting time, and trust me, we put way more then 10 minutes into figuring out sales. A lot of back-end work went into deciding what we could put on sale and for how much. The thing was the average coupon use was 0 to 1 per item looking back the past 6 months, so to us it looked like no one wanted the coupons.

    We wanted to figure out if we could do something instead of the specials, but we could not figure anything else out, so monthly forum specials will resume again in April! We will try to make them as good as possible so hopefully they will benefit you better.

  8. I look forward to seeing what you guys can offer.