Mach 1 15"s on a mach????

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by machin1, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. I was going to order a set of 15 inch weld prostar wheels for my 03 mach 1...however...It seems like 15’s might not fit due to the machs bigger front brakes…would somebody please be so kind to tell me if 15’s would in fact fit on my mach or not

    Thanks =]
  2. Try the wheels section of I cant remember for sure but I think alot of guys go to GT calipers and/or do a little grinding to get the smaller wheels to work up front.
  3. Will they fit? YES

    Will they fit easily? Depends on what your definition of easy is.

    I am running 15 in Welds.

    For skinnies up front I went with a bolt on spacer from Maximum Motorsports. I don't rememember the size and I am out of the country so I can't look at the paperwork. Anyway, these bolt up to the existing studs-you may have to do some slight grinding on them to make sure the studs don't protrude out but it was not much. The new wheels will bolt right up to the the studs on the spacer. No need to grind (other than a little on teh studs.)

    For the rear it is a different story. You can either grind the rear calipers until they fit like some people have done or you can go with the smaller GT rotors in the rear. It has been a while but I think the calipers were the same. After seeing how much grinding was involved I went with the GT rotors. Considering most of the braking is done up front I do not think it is a major deal to lose an inch or so of rotor in the rear.

    Like was mentioned before-if you do a search on the registry, I think I posted some pics and maybe so "lessons learned" when I did it about 3 years ago. I know there are a few threads on there talking about it.

    Good luck
  4. Here are a couple of links for you:

    Here is one of the pics (there are more in the threads):

    One thing I had forgotten about is to be NHRA legal you will need to replace the studs on the spacer so that they are long enough to protrude out the wheel far enough.

    Let me know if you have any questions.