1500 Rpm Engine Surge

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  1. just upgrade with new 36lb injectors, from 24lb and replaced sample tubes (from blue 102 to red 103). 76mm C&L MAF. Engine wont even stay running with a 1500 rpm surge. Tried clocking MAF, checked for proper installation of sample tube, relocated MAF and even messed with fuel pressure. NO help...

    Reinstalled the 24lb injectors and sample tube.. Car runs like a champ. WTF.. Rules out IAC & TPS?

    306, 76mm MAF, 70mm t/body, f cam, performer rpm intake and heads, 255lph pump, longtubes 5 speed sn93 s/c 4lbs. boost and 12:1 fmu (want to remove FMU)

    Is this the right sample tube? Any suggestions?
  2. Are you using the stock airbox and flat panel filter or something else? If you read the tech help section of their website, C&L said their setup was only specified to work with the stock airbox and flat panel filter.
  3. And how stupid is that?

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  4. jrichker can you please tell me where you read this. I cannot find this info on the C&L website. I hope this is wrong, due to the point that they sell intake pipes, MAFS ect. With K&N coned air filter. Not being a smart ass but this sounds ridiculous.
  5. See http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-for...roubleshooting-poor-running-condition.855870/. C&L has been busy redesigning their website, so the link to C&L does not work. However, the general discussion sheds some light on problems surrounding C&L MAF's. The conical filter inside the engine compartment of an 86-93 Mustang can be affected by sucking up hot engine air and the turbulence due to the fan.
  6. Thanks for the info..